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Last month we asked for your favourite cheat meal in a quick poll. The results are in!

The survey went much further afield than we were expecting and we received results from 28 different countries around the world – from the the USA to New Zealand.

Voters could select up to three options, made as granular as possible. The options were:

1. Biscuits, cookies, cakes
2. Chocolate & sweets
3. Ice cream
4. Crisps
5. Supermarket pizza
6. Take away pizza / pizza meals (e.g Domino’s, Pizza Hut)
7. Take away chicken / chicken meals (i.e. KFC)
8. Take away burgers / burger meals (i.e. McDonalds)
9. Chinese / Indian / Caribbean / other takeaway
10. Fish & chips
11. Getting on the beers / alcohol
12. Other

Your favourite cheat meal

The overall winner was… Takeaway pizza, which finished with 17% of the total votes. In second place overall was beers/alcohol with 13% of the votes, and in third place was other takeaways such as Chinese, Indian, Caribbean, etc.

In the UK alone takeaway pizza was also top, with 18% of the total UK voters enjoying a cheeky two for Tuesday at Dominos. And the rest of the UK voters seemed to agree that a cheat meal means cooking is out of the window, with 15% of the total UK vote going to other takeaways.

Crisps were the least loved food in the UK however, with only 3% of you choosing to indulge with a bag of ready salted. Of course Nandos made it onto our list, being a very popular suggestion in our ‘other’ category.

Results by country

Across Europe, pizza was a big hit. Nearly 50% of votes for both Bulgaria and Austria and 30% of the Danish votes were for takeaway pizza.

Supermarket pizza however was not such a big hit, with no one in Austria, Denmark and Belgium voting for it.

Italy and France both rated ice cream as their top choice, with other sweet options like biscuits, cookies and cakes coming second.

Ireland agreed on the sweet treats, with 18% of people voting for chocolate and sweets, although it was narrowly beaten from the top spot by alcohol – must be all that Guinness!

The USA agreed with Ireland, with over 20% of the US votes also for alcohol/beers.

And what about those of you who don’t have cheat meals at all? Only one person out of everyone who responded didn’t have cheat meals. But they did say that they’d like to start….

Healthy cheat meals

We’d like to thank all of our 761 voters for making this survey possible and giving us a look at which foods you think are worth giving up the diet for.

But if you struggle to wait for your next cheat meal before indulging, why not try a healthy version of your favourite to tide you over?

A protein pizza might not be a Domino’s or a Papa Johns, but it is carb free and means you can indulge in your favourite treat even on a non-cheat day.

Or why not try your creating your own pizza base using ingredients like Active Foods™ Liquid Egg Whites, BULK POWDERS™ Super Pea Protein Isolate and BULK POWDERS™ Coconut Flour.

If you come up with a great protein pizza recipe using BULK POWDERS™ ingredients then please let us know via our social channels and we’ll gladly share with our social media fans – you could be giving the world of pizza lovers a great healthy alternative!


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