Protein Powder Testing – Nitrogen and Protein Results Update

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In our Quality Series – Part #1 we outlined the testing process our products go through to ensure our high standards of quality. As such we have been regularly sending samples of our products off to an independent laboratory for analysis.

This blog post will share some of the more recent results we have been getting back from the lab. These results are encouraging once again and further highlight the points made in Quality Series – Part #1.


Pure Whey Protein™ test results

We have released a number of new Pure Whey Protein™ flavours over the past few months and we wanted to demonstrate that these delicious tasting products meet the high standards of quality we expect from everything we sell.

As you will see, the results mirror those that were shown in Quality Series – Part #1 for our base flavour range:


Pure Whey Protein™ Chocolate Peanut 74.97% protein
Pure Whey Protein™ Berries & Cream 76.50% protein
Pure Whey Protein™ Apple Crumble & Custard 75.09% protein


Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 test results

Some of the more recent flavour additions to Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 also reflect the consistency shown in Quality Series – Part #1.

Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 Strawberry highlights this consistency, with a second test demonstrating similarly high results as those outlined previously (86.32%).


Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 Peaches and Cream 85.87% protein
Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 Toffee Popcorn 85.68% protein
Pure Whey Isolate™ 90 Strawberry 86.83% protein


Complete Protein Blend™ test results

Further to this, Complete Protein Blend™ results demonstrate similarly high results across the range:


Complete Protein Blend™ Chocolate 77.13% protein
Complete Protein Blend™ Strawberry 77.71% protein
Complete Protein Blend™ Banana 78.47% protein

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