How to fit a workout around your 9-5

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For most people, finding the time to workout when you have a full-time job can seem virtually impossible. But you can be on your way to achieving your goals with a simple change in mindset and a couple of tweaks to your day to day. 

Below are four easy steps to becoming the best version of you, whether that’s by getting yourself organised or doing more to keep track of your exercise. 

  1. Time is of the essence 

    Break down your day and figure out how your time is being spent. Have a look at the screen time stats on your phone. Are the hours of swiping, liking and double-tapping adding up? Stop saying “I have no time.” and start saying “okay, so where can I make time?”

  2. Test the waters
    Some people workout best in the morning, some in the evening. There’s rarely an in-between unless you have the best lunch-time privileges out there. Try a week of AM workouts then another of PM workouts and decide which time of day you can manage best. Voilà! You’ve found your rhythm. 

    TOP TIP: go straight to the gym after work instead of going home first. If you do end up going home first, your sofa might just look cosier than ever.

  3. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail 

    Try laying out your gym gear for the next day to give yourself a head start. Think about prepping your food, too. Spending Sunday meal prepping nutritious food for the week will work wonders, especially when you start seeing results.

  4. Track your progress  

    There are loads of apps out there that can help you keep track of where you are, while also showing you how far you’ve come. Some phones can even keep a log of how many steps you’ve done in a day. If you don’t like using apps, why not create a journal and note down the calories you’re consuming and the exercises you’re doing? You’ll see where you’re going wrong in no time.

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