Maintain Your Gym Motivation


Getting back into the gym after time away can feel a little different for everyone. Getting motivated can be easy but staying motivated and consistent can be more difficult. Team bulk™ guru Nathan Collins gives us his best workout motivation tips to keep you going.

Buddy up

Understandably, gyms reopening can lead to a little bit of uncertainty. Therefore, I highly recommend going with a friend or fellow gym goer (covid rules permitting) and training together. For the first couple of weeks, look at getting used to exercises that you haven’t used for a while. I’d also suggest focusing on your form and applying the correct cue points when performing an exercise rather than just focusing on the load. For example, when performing an RDL (Romanian deadlift), look at pushing those hips back, maintain a straight back and keep your chin tucked in. By creating workout and exercise habits, you’ll gain confidence which is important in the initial stages of returning to the gym.

Recover well

It’s inevitable, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) will be returning – we all know that feeling after leg day. Recovery is very important, not only for performance in the gym but also it will help decrease the risk of potential injury. I’d suggest spending 10 minutes foam rolling and stretching post session, having 1 scoop of bulk’s™ Recovery shake, and finally running a warm bath later that day. By looking after our bodies post-workout and on rest days, it will allow us to maintain performance levels whilst limiting aches and pains.


Follow a program

After a few weeks, once confidence has increased and you’re used to training back in the gym again, following a programme will be highly beneficial to long-term progress. The reason programmes work so well is because it gives you structure, accountability and most importantly you’re able to monitor progress. Programmes also help you to achieve fitness goals. No goal is too big or small if you have the right plan in place. Have a think, are there any particular fitness goals you want to hit in 2021? If there are, here are a few things you can do to help achieve them.

Set goals

Make sure your goal is clearly planned out with long term, short term and weekly targets. Short term targets create confidence and momentum that help you towards your long term goals. To support your journey, you could create a weekly target sheet alongside a programme as well as reaching out to external support from a training partner, coach or mentor for accountability. Finally, it’s really important that you do it for you. Be inspired by others but don’t focus on their achievements, just focus on you and your own personal fitness journey – enjoy the process.

Stay consistent

Resistance bands do the job, but now’s the time to get back under the bar. It’s so important to remember that the gym is more than just lifting weights. It allows us to continue to improve to be the best versions of ourselves both mentally and physically. For myself, fitness allows me to keep levelling up in all aspects of life. Positive nutritional habits and consistent training is now part of my day to day routine. Start implementing non-negotiable small habits throughout the week such as; getting your daily steps in, eating sufficient protein and going to the gym at a consistent time. Once you’ve created your weekly habits, find what you want to improve on and start creating your goals. Whether that’s in fitness, lifestyle or career, use the gym to get you there.


I hope these key tips will support you to improve consistency, increase motivation and get you inspired to be training again. Use the first couple of weeks to find your feet, get back into a routine and start enjoying what you love doing. Find your motivation, be inspired, create your goals and make this year your year!

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