Chocolate Protein Powders

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Love the taste of chocolate but don’t want to indulge? We know our chocolate flavoured protein powders the very best in terms of taste, texture and ‘mix-ability’. This way you can enjoy the taste of delicious chocolate without sacrificing your health and fitness goals.

Our Range of Chocolate Protein Shakes

Pure Whey Protein™

Pure Whey Protein™  is our bestselling protein powder and is available in 9 different chocolate flavours. It provides everything you’d ever want in a whey protein shake. It is high in protein, made from quality grass fed dairy sources that are low in calories yet packed full of essential amino acids your body needs. Perfect to promote recovery after exercise, help support muscle growth and keep you full through the day.

Pure Whey Isolate™

Pure Whey Isolate™ is one of our premium products and comes in 8 chocolate flavours. Like our Pure Whey Protein, it is created from grass-fed cow’s milk and because it is ‘isolated’, removing milk sugars (lactose) and fats, this means that it packs a whopping 27g of protein per 30g serving. This also makes it one of the lowest calories shakes available.

One of the issues with many whey isolates is their poor mix-ability, however, we use advanced filtration processes to produce the purest whey and then we treat them with specialist particles that prevent the whey from ‘clumping’, making the shake not only great-tasting (in 5 delicious chocolate flavours) but with a great texture, too.

Informed Whey Protein

Designed for the serious athlete, or those who want total clarity on the quality of their supplements, Informed Whey Protein is put through the most rigorous tests for purity. All ingredients are listed with exact quantities and are certified safe for athletes using ‘Informed Sport’ testing. There are also 3 different chocolate flavours available.

Each serving provides 24g of protein through our carefully designed ‘mTOR Whey Complex’, combining the highest quality forms of whey protein to support recovery and increases in lean muscle mass. To support gut health and promote fast, efficient digestion of protein and other nutrients, DigeZyme® digestive enzyme complex and LactoSpore® probiotic are also included in this high-performance protein.

Complete Protein Blend™

As the name suggests, this awesome protein combines different high-quality protein sources to deliver all the essential amino acids in a steady stream over several hours. This way your body has a constant supply of the building blocks it needs to support recovery and muscle growth.

Complete Protein Blend™ combines whey protein, milk protein and egg white protein in an optimal 50:35:15, producing a 78% protein that is without doubt one of our most versatile protein supplements for use after exercise, between meals or even before bed. As well as chocolate, Complete Protein Blend™ is also available in chocolate cookies and chocolate peanut flavours. Yum!

Bedtime Protein Shake

For the perfect bedtime ‘snack’, our chocolate flavoured Bedtime Protein Shake formula contains the slow-digesting protein micellar casein (MC). The slow digestion rate means that you get a prolonged supply of amino acids through the night, helping to feed recovery and muscle growth whilst you sleep.

Complete Bedtime™ also contains leucine. Leucine added to our MC is a potent combination because leucine is a key ‘trigger’ of muscle protein synthesis (MPS), which is the process by which our muscles recover and grow. The final benefit of Complete Bedtime™ is that it has added tryptophan. This amino acid is an important precursor to neurotransmitters that help the body relax and fall asleep, helping you feel rested and fully recovered.

Chocolate Mass Gainers

Mass Gainer

Mass Gainer is a great way to add extra calories into your diet for those who struggle to eat enough food to support recovery/growth. Each serving contains over 500kcal, is high in protein (40g per serving) and is a mix of fast digesting carbohydrate and ultra-fine oats. This makes it easy to digest, perfect for whenever you need it and it tastes amazing. With 2 chocolate flavours it making consuming enough calories much easier than using just solid foods.

Lean Mass Gainer

This is slightly lower in calories than Mass Gainer, but still provides around 340kcal per serving, with 34g of protein and 34g of carbohydrates. Lean Mass Gainer contains less sugar, gaining all of its carbohydrate and fat from oats.

The combination of oats, and a blend of quick and slow release proteins, makes it the perfect high protein snack, or meal on the go. A great way to fill gaps in your normal diet whilst ensuring you have enough energy and amino acids to support recovery until you next meal.


Informed Mass Gainer

Informed Mass Gainer is our Informed Sport tested mass gainer, meaning it is 100% safe for athletes and is quality is assured. Providing 45g of protein and 566kcal per serving and made with a seriously high-quality blend of quick and slow release proteins, added creatine, ultra-fine Scottish oats, healthy fats and digestive enzymes and probiotics. Informed Mass Gainer packs the amino acids, energy and sports performance boosting benefits any athlete should expect form a high-quality sports focused supplement.

Vegan Chocolate Protein Powders

As many vegan protein sources are ‘incomplete’ when it comes to providing all the essential amino acids the body needs for health, recovery and muscle growth. Our vegan proteins combine different plant proteins to make sure all your bases are covered.

Our Vegan Protein Powder is a great low-calorie way to top up daily protein needs, so is suitable for both dieting, recovery from exercise and lean muscle gains. If you are looking for a little help with recovery, then our Vegan All In One combines 29g of protein with Vitargo®, a carbohydrate source renowned for its refuelling ability. All In One also contains added creatine to maximise your performance. These also contain digestive enzymes and probiotics to make the breakdown of protein more efficient.

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