4 Health Heroes – What Makes These Products So Good? 

Here at Bulk™, our commitment to product quality goes above and beyond. Every single ingredient we outsource is thoroughly vetted. Each powder we blend in-house undergoes rigorous taste testing. We set high standards. And only the best will do.

We’re also completely transparent with our ingredients and formulations. Every product has a full list of ingredients, which includes the precise amount of each active ingredient. This may sound obvious, but not everyone does this. We think you should know exactly what goes inside that body you work so hard to keep healthy.

So let’s go back to basics. We’ve selected some of our hero products that we think are must-haves for any active lifestyle. Here’s the lowdown on what makes them so good. And because you love our planet as much as we do, read on to see just how seriously we take sustainability.


Our most popular protein powder. And it’s easy to see why. Pure Whey Protein™ is the foundation of any training program. A solid 22g protein and 5g BCAA per serving. Easy to mix. Tastes amazing (of course). There’s really no reason not to love this. We’ve developed around 30 different flavours, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you fancy exotic Pineapple & Coconut, zesty Lemon Meringue or velvety rich Chocolate, there are many options to suit your mood. Or why not get creative? We love seeing our customer creations with Unflavoured. Add to baking, smoothies, porridge and so much more. The sky’s the limit.

It goes without saying that we only use high quality whey protein, sourced from grass-fed European cows milk. Packaged in a completely compostable pouch, you have peace of mind that you’re doing your bit for the planet too.


Whether you follow a strict vegan diet, or want to reduce your dairy intake, our Vegan Protein Powder is a smart choice. Each serving contains 23g protein blended from five premium vegan protein sources – pea protein, brown rice protein, pumpkin seed protein, flaxseed powder and quinoa flour. Seriously, how good does that lot sound? It’s stevia-sweetened and made with natural flavours. It also contains DigeZyme®, a blend of five digestive enzymes to help your body break down the protein, get the most out of it and support overall digestion. Available in 10 winning flavours, you’ll surely find one to spark an interest. Oh, and did we mention it’s low in sugar and saturated fat, soya free and lactose free?


A little on the nutty side? You’re in for a treat with our Peanut Butter. We don’t like to brag, but it’s on another level. Made from 100% roasted whole peanuts. Completely natural. No added salt, sugar, palm oil or preservatives. It doesn’t get any better than this. If you’ve only ever bought your peanut butter from the supermarket, there’ll be no going back from this. It has a creamy, natural taste with a smooth and buttery texture. The best bit? It counts as a source of protein. 28g per 100g. A tasty addition to any active lifestyle. Nutty nutritional goodness that works in a sandwich, on toast, with porridge and in smoothies. We leave you with one question. Smooth or crunchy?


We love to help you be the very best version of yourself. And our Complete Multivitamin Complex™ is the ultimate multivitamin to support this. It contains over 30 vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D, as well as fruit and plant extracts. The ingredients contained in three daily tablets are proven to contribute to normal energy metabolism, immune function and amino acid synthesis. Formulated using only the most bioavailable sources, and with leading dosages of every ingredient, this supplement is a great all-rounder. Oh, and it’s value for money too.


Like you, we love our planet. We want to do everything we can to protect it. So sustainability is right up there with our top priorities. We’ve switched our vitamin pots to aluminium, which is one of the most widely recyclable materials on the market. Also, 87% of our pouches are now fully home-compostable. The transition from plastic wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Our solid, triple-layer cellulose, biodegradable film is high quality and FSC-certified paper. Sounds good, right? 

We hope this gives you peace of mind that you’re helping the environment as much as you’re helping your body with every Bulk™ purchase you make. We’re chuffed to be some of the first people in this sector to go that extra mile to help the environment with our packaging. We know just how important this is in today’s world.


Whichever products you choose to support your active lifestyle, you can rest assured that each and every ingredient is carefully selected and sustainably sourced. Every winning formula is created with you in mind. Taste is always a top priority,

We pride ourselves on offering you quality, consistency and value for money. Always aspiring to push ourselves to the next level in everything we do. Let’s raise a protein shake together, as we go the extra mile to look after ourselves, each other and our planet. Cheers. 

We believe in sharing, and we’d love to know what you think, so don’t forget to tag us in your creations using Bulk™ products. Check out @bulk for recipes, ambassador workouts and tips. Join the conversation and be part of our community by tagging #TeamBulk. 

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