What is Clear Whey Isolate?

clear whey isolate

Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps the body build muscle and repair tissue. So it’s important to consume enough of it, particularly if you lead an active lifestyle. We know you know this. Protein powders are a popular, convenient and (more importantly) tasty way to easily increase your daily protein intake. Not only does it ensure your body has everything it needs to function properly, when paired with strength training, using a protein powder plays a supporting role in optimising physical performance and positively influencing the subsequent recovery processes [1].

Traditional protein powders have a creamy, milkshake-like texture and tend to work well with rich and chocolatey flavours. However, as temperatures rise and workouts heat up, a lighter option could make a refreshing alternative. 

And there’s always another whey. Last year, we launched our ground-breaking Clear Whey Isolate, which we know many of you love. But we’re not stopping there. Just in time for summer, we’ve introduced three new fruity flavours into the range. Additionally, we have two new products that utilise the power of clear protein – Clear Vegan Protein and Clear Whey All In One. We’ll tell you more about these later. But first, let’s answer the question you came here for.

What is clear whey?

Clear Whey Isolate is a game changer for anyone who doesn’t like the creamy texture of a classic protein shake. Or, if you just want to mix it up and try an undeniably juicy and refreshing protein drink, you won’t be disappointed. 

Clear Whey protein is a whey isolate rather than a whey concentrate, and the whey isolate has also been hydrolysed. This means that the powder itself is much finer than a regular protein powder, resulting in a clear looking shake. With this new found texture, we’ve opened up a whole new world of fruity and juicy flavours that are perfect to quench the thirst after a hot and sweaty workout. 

We use whey isolate rather than whey concentrate, meaning that when comparing gram for gram, you get the same amount of protein with fewer calories. This is extremely useful if you’re trying to maximise your protein intake, whilst being mindful of calories, with just 0.1g sugars, 0.2g fat and less than 90 calories per shake.

Key benefits

  • A clear, light and refreshing drink
  • 20g protein per serving
  • Less than 90kcal per serving
  • Low sugar
  • Available in a range of fruity flavours
  • No milky taste or texture
  • Perfect for warmer months
  • Gluten free

What is the difference between whey protein and clear whey protein?

The difference between a regular whey protein powder and a clear whey protein powder is scientifically very small. But when it comes to taste and texture, it’s a different story. The ingredients lists of our Pure Whey Isolate™ and Clear Whey Isolate are practically identical. The exception with Pure Whey Isolate™ is that it contains a thickener to give a creamy texture, which isn’t needed with Clear Whey. On the other hand, Clear Whey Isolate contains an antifoaming agent to help the foam created during shaking subside as quickly as possible, which is not needed in Pure Whey Isolate™. Flavours, sweeteners and colours are all exactly the same though. 

While we’re talking science, the protein sources in our Pure Whey Isolate™ and Clear Whey Isolate only differ very slightly in that the protein used in Clear Whey Isolate has been through more processing steps to give it that ultra-fine texture and clear complexion. We’ll explain this in a little more detail a bit further down. The main thing you need to know is that they both contain the same full amino acid profile, so you’ll still get the same great benefits. 

We’ve mentioned the difference in texture and flavour of Clear Whey Isolate compared to more traditional whey protein powders. But what makes our Clear Whey Isolate different from the others? Taste. We really believe we’ve created one of the best tasting and refreshing protein drinks on the market, with all the flavours being as equally delicious as each other. 


When should you drink Clear Whey Isolate?

Protein shakes can be consumed at any time during the day. However, pre-workout or post-workout are the most popular times to consume protein supplements. You can find out more about the significance of the time of day and when you should consume protein by reading our article on protein shake timings.

For best results, we suggest mixing 1 scoop (approx 25g) with 350ml water in a shaker bottle and waiting for 30 seconds or so for the natural foaming to settle before consuming. If you find the flavour too strong or weak, you can adjust the amount of water until you find the right amount to suit your individual taste. We recommend 1-3 servings daily depending on your protein intake requirements. You could even try it poured over or blended with ice for the ultimate thirst quench.

Who is Clear Whey Isolate for?

Clear Whey Isolate is for anyone who is looking to increase their daily protein intake with a light and refreshing drink – think fruity squash with the added benefit of 20g protein. You’ll love this new variation of protein if you’re someone who dislikes the classic creamy texture of a protein shake. It’s also a refreshing, lower calorie alternative to a regular protein shake. And our new flavours give you three more reasons to try it.

How is Clear Whey Isolate made?

Clear Whey Isolate is made through the acidification and purification of whey protein at a low pH (acidic conditions). The protein is hydrolysed, meaning the peptide bonds within the protein molecules are broken down, leaving behind separate amino acid molecules (think of this as a ‘pre-digestion’ stage). These separated molecules actually have superior bioavailability compared to other forms of whey protein such as whey concentrate. This basically means that the protein is more easily absorbed within the body, delivering amino acids to the muscles faster than any other form of protein. This is exactly what you’re after post workout. It helps get the recovery process started as soon as possible, leading to improved muscular growth, repair and recovery. Pretty ideal if you ask me.

The process in which Clear Whey Isolate is made also lends itself extremely well to the final product, as the acidic nature of the base works in combination with the fruity flavours to give a clean, crisp and refreshing taste to the final product. Delicious.

In summary

Summer is the perfect time to try Clear Whey Isolate. It’s easy to mix (of course) and packed with high-quality protein, just like any of our other protein shakes. A juicy, thirst-quenching burst of flavour. What more could you want for those workouts in the sun?

New flavours and products

Clear Whey Isolate has completely taken off since it launched last year. This texture has opened up a whole new world of fruity flavours, perfect to quench the thirst after a summer workout. So get your taste buds ready for our Clear Whey Isolate in Summer Fruits, Tropical and Peach Iced Tea.

And there’s more where this came from. As well as the new flavours, we’ve added two new products into the clear range.

First is our new Clear Whey Isolate. If you’re looking for a quick and easy product with all the best post-workout supplements, and in the clear and juicy format you love, this is the answer. With 29g protein, 17g carbs, 3g creatine, 3g glutamine and an impressive 8gs BCAAs, topped off with some much-needed antioxidants, what could be better? Available in Blue Raspberry, Passionfruit and Apple & Blackcurrant, this is your summer essential. 

There’s a little more info on this exciting launch further down but the manufacturing process is very similar except instead of coming from a milk based whey protein, it is a hydrolysed pea protein! 

If you prefer a plant-based protein, you can now join the clear path too. Because our Clear Whey Isolate is so popular, we wanted to offer this format to our vegan customers. And this is where Clear Vegan Protein comes into play. Available in Tropical, Peach & Orange and Apple & Blackcurrant flavours, this is the perfect vegan protein for those hot, summer workouts.

Refreshing, light and clear, we’ve managed to pack in a powerful 15g plant protein per serving (the most protein in any clear vegan proteins on the market). We really cannot wait for you to get your hands on this. We believe in sharing, and we’d love to know what you think, so don’t forget to tag us in your creations using Bulk™ products. Check out @bulk for more recipes, ambassador workouts and tips. Join our community of fitness lovers and foodies by tagging #TeamBulk.

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