How To Enjoy Easter And Hit Your Fitness Goals

The season of indulgence is upon us. And when we have serious fitness goals to reach, this can bring a mix of emotions. On the one hand, it’s a special time to relax with family and friends over a guilt-free four-day break. But the temptations are hard to avoid. Chocolate by the truckload. Hot cross buns with a bit too much butter. Not to mention the roast potatoes if you have room for Easter Sunday lunch. So what’s the answer?

Life is about balance. Right? Easter is a special occasion. It’s important to enjoy it without the guilt. And to give you some guidance on how to stay on track, we have some tips from a pro. 

Rob Beaney, our Front End Developer, also happens to be an Online Coach specialising in strength training. And if that’s not enough to keep him busy, he also teaches swing dancing in his spare time. Here’s how to set yourself up for a Happy Easter.


After all that training, you deserve to relax and enjoy the break. Just don’t try to make up for it afterwards with extreme dieting. A few extra treats aren’t going to do the damage you might think. Over-restricting yourself as a result does more harm than good.


You may not be pumping iron all weekend, but that doesn’t mean you need to play couch potato. Daily activity is the easiest way to improve your health and fitness in a low impact way. Enjoy a walk with family and friends. The fresh air will do wonders for your mindset.


Where possible, continue with your usual breakfast, lunch and dinner routine. Enjoy satisfying meals, as this will help to avoid mindless snacking. Focus these meals around protein and plenty of fresh vegetables. And choose foods you enjoy eating.  


If and when you do indulge, be sure to enjoy it. Take your time to appreciate the flavours and textures. Be fully present. If you’re mindlessly munching your way through a giant chocolate egg without the joy (easily done, it’s hollow after all), try to recognise it and stop. Remember, you don’t need to finish it.  


Put things into perspective. Easter happens once a year. A few days won’t make or break your progress, so don’t sweat it. If you want to take a complete break from training, then do so. You’ll probably come back feeling more refreshed and ready to hit it hard afterwards. 


We also asked Rob to share some of his favourite Bulk™ products. So when it’s time to train again, here’s some inspiration. 

Clear Whey Isolate is my go-to for post-workout protein. Easy on the stomach and super refreshing.

1™ Complete Food Shake is perfect for the days when I need extra calories, or when I’m too busy to make a meal. It’s so quick and tastes amazing. 

Creatine Monohydrate Powder is one of the most researched supplements. I take this for my strength training and because studies suggest it has some cognitive benefits.

Protein Flapjacks are one of my favourite snacks. They’re soft, buttery and taste incredible.

Vegan Protein Brownie is another go-to snack for me. It tastes so good, and you’d never guess it was vegan.

From all of us at Bulk™, we hope you have a very Happy Easter. Enjoy all that it has to offer. Show up after. Life is good. 

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