Staying On Track During Summer

From UK to vacay, we consulted Bulk™ ambassador, Alex Crockford for his expert tips on how to stay on track during those busy summer months.

Holiday Nutrition

If you’re planning to get away this summer and you want to both enjoy good food whilst also maintaining your fitness progress here are my recommendations. Try your best to fill your diet with nutritious, light and healthy food as much as possible during the day, so you’re then able to enjoy bigger meals at restaurants in the evening, or an afternoon ice cream refreshment. Also, just like at home in normal life, trying to consume protein at every meal will help keep you satisfied and maintain muscle whilst you’re away.

Holiday workouts

I always find that my motivation for working out gradually decreases during the day. My best tip is to do morning workouts so you can get your sweat, calorie burn, and muscle pump nice and early and enjoy your holiday activities without having to think about training. It’s usually natural, but keeping up your step count and general activity is such as easy way to balance off potentially a higher calorie diet from holiday indulgences.

Working out with a busy summer social calendar

With more days out and social events through summer, it’s not always easy to fit in all your planned workouts for the week. This can lead to a decline in the progress you’re making! The best thing to do is not throw in the towel and give up when it gets hard, but instead adjust each and every week or day to what is possible for you to achieve. Having the planning and forethought about prioritising your training will really pay off through the summer. Depending on what your workout methods are, even adjusting to a home workout, or a run, or switching things up for faster more intense workouts is a great idea to stay on top of training alongside your busy calendar.

Eating out

If you’re motivated to stay in good shape and to continue making progress whilst eating out a lot, then it all comes down to making the right decisions. There are always better options to choose that won’t derail you, if that’s what you’re looking for. I always search for meals that are going to be full of vegetables or salad because I know this will satisfy me whilst also being lower in calories. This way, I get a serve of healthy nutrients too, as long as there is a decent source of protein with it.

Navigating alcohol

We can still have a few drinks and make progress in our fitness! However, there are some things I always keep in mind. There is certainly a difference between a few enjoyable drinks vs a full on binge drink – the body knows the difference and the body takes a long time to recover from this. Doing this will set you back in your fitness journey. Also, be aware that alcohol can affect your sleep, so try your best to stop drinking in good time before bed and have good nutritious food and lots of rehydration too.

Lastly, when it comes to your drink choice, alcohol itself is high in calories. When it comes to the mixers or cocktails that you’re choosing – where possible choose lower calorie alternatives like zero sugar mixers or light varieties. It makes a difference and helps you feel good to go the next day in your training!

High protein snacks

Of course my essentials to staying on track couldn’t be without a good protein shake. My go-to in hot weather is Clear Whey Isolate in Apple & Blackcurrant flavour or even a morning smoothie with Pure Whey Protein. Another great way to curb those sweet cravings without the added sugar is to have a protein snack on hand. I usually have a Macro Munch or in my bag so I can make good food choices while on the go. Bulk™ have a huge range of snacking options so you can always be prepared which makes keeping that balance much easier. Also, Clear Whey Isolate is the protein shake of summer: fruity flavours, sippable, refreshing.


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