You vs You: Conquering self-doubt with self-belief

“Comparison is like pressing a bruise. All you get out of comparing yourself to someone else is pain.”
Georgia Grant, Online Coach and Influencer 

Imagine these scenarios: the person who last used the chest press machine and leaves the pin on 115kg, the spin class where it seems everyone but you manages to shift up a gear when the music drops and the runner who effortlessly glides past at double the speed. It’s January, and the pressure is on to up our game. But we feel beaten already. We take some time out, scroll through social media and a continuous stream of images pops up of the ‘perfect’ life. Sound familiar? 

Society presents us with an ideal that we should conform to. If we don’t, we feel we’re not good enough. We’re all guilty of comparing ourselves to others, and it hurts. The road of comparison only goes one way, and the destination is self-doubt. 

Believe it or not, self-doubt affects us all. It’s often hidden behind forced smiles and picture-perfect social posts, but as you’re about to discover, those we compare ourselves to also experience these feelings. If self-doubt is creeping in right now, you’re not alone. 

As we step into the New Year, the pressure to reinvent ourselves is more heightened than ever. We set ourselves goals to improve. We’ll be happier, healthier and better versions of the people we were before. But what if we don’t meet our own high expectations? What if our goals are (in our minds) out of reach? What if we give in? 

Self-doubt can be overcome with the right inspiration, mindset and actions. It takes determination, but it can be turned from a negative into a positive and used to power a journey to self-belief. The first hurdle is realising the battle is not you vs them. It’s time to flip the script. This is You vs You.

What is You vs You?

You vs You showcases seven stories that harness self-doubt to foster self-belief. The stories are beautifully real and deeply captivating.

We’ve put a microphone into the minds of seven influencers to discover the raw inner monologues that fuel their transitions from self-doubt to self-belief. You’ll discover the life-changing moments during their journeys that transformed the lowest of lows into mind-blowing highs.

There’s no script. There’s no host. These are candid conversations between two contrasting voices in their heads – the voice of doubt and the voice of belief. And there is only one winner.

Why are we doing You vs You?

“As brands, we’re able to influence behaviours and perceptions. Social media pressure can hurt people, but we have the opportunity to counter that by creating a narrative that is valuable, safe and helpful. This is why we’re doing it.”
Billie Bradberry, CMO, Bulk™

What to expect from the stories

Here’s a taster of what you’ll discover in seven compelling episodes of seven real people.


“It doesn’t mean just lifting more in the gym, it means mentally and physically feeling like you have the resilience to conquer whatever you need to in life.”

In this truly moving story, Georgia shares her fight through disordered eating to accept who she sees in the mirror. As a coach, she finds purpose in helping others navigate the societal pressures we all face. Her honesty and authenticity inspire everyone to be stronger, not smaller.


“I still have self-doubt every single day. For me to put a camera in front of my face was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

The toned physique. The fast cars. The Dubai lifestyle. This is Ben’s Instagram. But his journey hasn’t been easy. Dreams of becoming a footballer crushed by an injury. Imposter syndrome paying regular visits. Determination paved the way.


“When I first started going to the gym, I had zero self-confidence. I feel like I’ve made space for myself in the fitness world.”

It’s easy for self-doubt to creep in between sets when nobody on the gym floor looks like you. Maymah turned a fear of being different into a passion to help manage anxiety. A role model for Muslim women in the UK, she’s learnt that the gym is a space she deserves to be in.


Seven stories. One fight. This is You vs You.


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If you are affected by any of the issues raised in these episodes, you’ll find links to a number of organisations that can offer advice below:

Mental Health Foundation
NHS Mental Health Services
Beat Eating Disorders

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