10 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain Over The Festive Season

Avoid Weight Gain Over Festive Season
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We all want to enjoy the festive season, but without seeing the pounds pile on- here’s how to avoid weight gain over the winter festivities.

Tip #1 Mini Cut Beforehand

Simply reduce your calories for a week or so beforehand, and use them at parties and special meals. Then your calories for the week average out to maintenance, so you avoid fat gain.

Tip #2 Pick your favourite course

Rather than overeating for your entire meal, choose your favourite course and limit your overeating to that course, for example dessert. This massively reduces the calories consumed over the entire meal.

Tip #3 Use Intermittent Fasting

Limit your days eating to an 8 hour period, for example midday to 8pm. This should decrease your total calories for the day meaning you are less likely to have gone above maintenance calories.

Tip #4 Drink Water

Drink a massive glass of water 10 minutes before each meal to reduce any false hunger signals and take up some space in your stomach, meaning you are less likely to overeat.

Tip #5 Consume Protein and Veggies

This will also help to keep you full, meaning you’re less likely to gorge on the chocolates.

Tip #6 Don’t Give Up

250kcal of chocolate isn’t going to hurt you, but the rest of the packet will- so don’t give up on the rest of the day after eating one ‘treat’.

Tip #7 Watch Out For Liquid Calories

Go for the lower calorie alcoholic drinks e.g. vodka and lemon rather than a pint of beer, and opt for diet varieties of coke, lemonade etc.

Tip #8 Get Moving!

Take a long walk with the family after big meals, you’ll help everyone out not just yourself!

Tip #9 Don’t Arrive Hungry

You’ll be more likely to snack on high calorie, nutrient free foods.

Tip #10 Get In the Gym

If you’re going to be consuming extra carbs, you might as well use them to fuel a heavy squat session!

About the Author:

Laura is a personal trainer from Sussex, she specialises in working with GP’s to help patients who can’t train with mainstream trainers due to their medical conditions.

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