2 Ingredients Banana Protein Ice Cream

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A creamy protein rich dessert that tastes better than anything from the health food shop!


1) Peel and chop banana into even sized discs, freeze in a Tupperware box overnight

2) Put pieces into a food blender and pulse until the consistency of very soft ice cream (This can take a while, scrape the mixture back into the blender if it spreads up the sides)

3) Add your whey and whatever extras you want and pulse until it’s all mixed

4) Return to Tupperware tub and refreeze overnight (or until solid)

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236 Kcals

24.5g Protein

29.6g Carbs

2.9g Fats

Chef Vicky


1 Large Ripe Banana

1 Scoop of BP Whey ( Banana or another flavour of your choice )

***Optional extras depending on your macro intake ***

1Table spoon of Nutella – 82 Cals

1Table spoon of Peanut Butter – 87 Cals

1Table spoon of Flax – 84 Cals