BULK POWDERS™ Celebrating 10 Years Strong

BULK POWDERS 10th Birthday
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10 years ago today BULK POWDERS™ was simply the idea of two enthusiastic university students who happened to enjoy going to the gym. At the time, 2006 to be precise, you had to buy ‘finished’ supplement products – you couldn’t pick and choose like you can now.

The boys, Adam Rossiter and Elliot Dawes, found it surprising that these supplements had hidden dosages of ingredients; it was impossible to tell what you were consuming and what you were really paying for. There had to be a better way…

The idea was to make single ingredient supplements available to the masses so people could make their own formulations. A scoop of protein here, a bit of creatine there. But it was also the quest for transparency and value that spurred them on, to make the industry more accessible to fitness professionals, athletes and general supplement users who wanted, or needed, a brand they could trust.

With just a bit of cash loaned to them by their parents, Adam and Elliot, the ambitious students from university, set about changing the world.

At the beginning it was just a dream. They spent most of their evenings and weekends moving stock and processing orders, or more accurately, ‘racing forklift trucks around Big Yellow Storage’, their headquarters at the time.  But what started out as one unit (approximately 200 sq ft) at the self-storage facility, quickly became two, three, four units, until eventually the whole usable space was taken. It was time for BULK POWDERS™ to fly the nest and find a bigger home.

10 years on and BULK POWDERS™ is now one of Europe’s fastest growing sports nutrition brands, with websites and operations in over 13 countries  – working from an 80,000 sq ft state-of-the-art warehouse and manufacturing facility – selling not only unflavoured protein (like in the early days) but every type and flavour of protein you could imagine (and they taste seriously good!), as well as multivitamins, delicious nut butters, super food powders and athlete endorsed formulations, to name just a few.

It’s fair to say a huge amount of progress has been made, and there is a lot to celebrate! We’ve been part of some amazing personal achievements, from helping people as they start out on their health and fitness journeys, to supporting elite level athletes like IBF super-middleweight champion, James DeGale, on their pursuit of greatness.

Here’s a visual illustration of BULK POWDERS™ – 10 Years Strong. Click image to enlarge.

BULK POWDERS - Celebrating 10 Years Strong Infographic

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To look back and see how far the business has come is testament to the vision and drive of Adam and Elliot, the founders and managing directors of BULK POWDERS™, as well as the dedication of the fantastic teams of people behind the scenes, both now and during the early years at the company.

It is this collective effort and shared passion that continues to push the brand forward towards the goal of establishing ourselves as the #1 choice for sports nutrition in the UK, Europe and all corners of the globe.

To kick our 10 year birthday celebrations off in style, we’re running a nifty birthday cake inspired promotion – 30% off everything, plus FREE Birthday Cake Flavour Pure Whey Protein™ – just one of the benefits of having the best Willy Wonka-esque taste-masters around!

From everyone here at BULK POWDERS™, ‘Thank you, you are the greatest customers in the world, and without you none of this would have been possible. Here’s to another ten years strong!’

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