Chia & Almond Protein Spread Recipe

Chia & Almond Protein Spread

Back in Mayan times, it is believed that people would pray for the day her recipes would come. Some say the Mayan’s even created a statue in her honour, carved into the base of a Ceiba tree. All we know is she goes by the name, The Muscle Baker, and she continues to this day to create the sort of recipes that people throughout history can appreciate. Try her Chia & Almond Protein Spread recipe for a tasty treat that is packed full of nutrients.


1.) Mix together melted coconut oil and almond butter, if the oil is hot it will be easier to mix in with the butter.

2.) Proceed to add the remaining ingredients in no particular order and mix well.

3.) Then smother your favourite toast with it or add to some tasty proats.

4.) The crunch from the chia seeds really adds the final touch to this spread.

5.) Recipe yields 3 servings.

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