Frankenstein Crispy Pops Halloween Recipe

Crispy Pops Halloween Recipe


Get ready for the 31st October with this Frankenstein Crispy Pops Halloween Recipe. Spooky and full of protein, these will go down a treat at your Halloween party.


1.) In a bowl, whisk together agave and VitaFiber™ powder, then microwave for 30 seconds, whisk and microwave another 30 seconds. The idea is that you want the VitaFiber™ fully dissolved into the agave nectar. You can also do this in a saucepan, would you prefer to not use a microwave. You just need to apply the same principles and whisk until all dissolved.

2.) Grab a bowl, fold in peanut butter first to make a paste, then fold in the remaining ingredients until you get a thick mouldable consistency.

3.) Press your mix into a desired pan or mould. If using a non-silicone mould, make sure to line your pan with greaseproof paper.

Note: We used a square silicone mould.

4.) Freeze overnight, or until mixture is solid enough to remove. Once removed, slice into rectangle shapes, place ice-cream sticks carefully and place back in freezer.

5.) Melt chocolate, remove your rectangle pops and begin dipping them, coating about 1/3 of the top.

6.) Place on a lined tray and decorate with chocolate sprinkles, pressing white choc buttons onto edge of melts chocolate to create ‘eye’ placers. To finish off grab a sharp knife, dip the edge into melted chocolate and dollop onto white choc buttons to finish the eyes. Then, swipe/scribble roughly with the edge of the knife to create the ‘mouth’.

Crispy Pops Halloween Recipe


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