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At BULK POWDERS™, we do not shy away from challenges. We also like to be close to our customers; to be able to motivate, inspire and track your progress. This is what #RevealYourself is all about – everyone is an athlete, provided they have the right state of mind. It’s not a matter of your body shape, your medical history, your age. None of that matters. Only the future and the goals you set yourself.

We thought it would be a good idea to have our own BULK POWDERS™ club on STRAVA. For those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about, STRAVA is a GPS mapping tool that allows runners and cyclists to track their rides and runs va iPhone, Android or GPS device. This allows for the ability to analyse performances, set new PRs, and compare and compete with friends.

It doesn’t matter whether you run 1 mile or 10 or whether you do a triathlon or marathon. Everyone is welcome to join the BULK POWDERS™ Cardio Community. For park runners out there, get tracking and your scores will update onto our leaderboard.

Strava leaderboard

We will use STRAVA to set challenges and occasionally give out discount codes for our STRAVA community so if you’re into cardio, get involved.

By joining the club, you’ll have access to the weekly leaderboard, filtered activity, the discussion forum and our BULK POWDERS™ group events – complete with routes. It might also lead to some members’ meet ups, who knows? #TeamBULK run anyone?

Join us – it’s free and fun.


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