Luxurious Reeses Easter Eggs Recipe

Reeses Easter Eggs

First you will need to find an egg mould, don’t fret if you cannot afford those fancy silicone ones…. Go to the store and find any Easter egg that is contained within a plastic egg shape and buy that! You will get chocolate and mould all in one! We found a white chocolate dairy free Easter egg in our local health store and used that.

Now you’re ready to make the best Easter eggs you’ve ever eaten.


1.) Melt the white chocolate in a small bowl with half of the ¼ tsp coconut oil.

2.) With the tip of a small spoon drizzle the white chocolate over the inside of the ‘mould’ in whatever shapes you desire and place in freezer.

3.) Make your filling by mixing peanut butter, LiquiFlav™, vanilla extract, almond milk and Sweet Freedom. Then put aside.

4.) Melt your dark chocolate with the remaining coconut oil, either in a microwave or in a glass bowl over boiling water.

5.) Take out the moulds and use half of the melted chocolate over the already set white chocolate drizzle. Try and do it lightly or you will spoil the pattern underneath. Place back in freezer.

*Wait patiently for it to harden*

6.) Then fill with the mix and coat with the rest of your dark chocolate.

Alternatively, just add peanut butter if you prefer it. OR use powdered peanut butter for a more macro-friendly alternative.

BAM! Home-made Easter eggs for the win!

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