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Birthday13th February 1994
Height178cm, 5ft8
Weight 90kg


The essentials

Entrepreneur, content creator, and loyal customer, Giovanni has been working with Bulk™ for the past four years, smashing out Italian foodie content in epic proportions (or portions).

In a day

Giovanni likes to train four or five times a week (even when travelling). As far as diet is concerned, he follows a balanced diet of about 2,500 kcal per day. 

His workouts start with a fundamental compound lift (deadlift, squat or bench press) followed by complementary accessories. They also always include 20 minutes of cardio, provided his legs aren’t like jelly from the compound lift. 

Top 3 Bulk™ picks

Giovanni’s top three Bulk™ products are: MACRO MUNCH™ Protein Biscuits, Pistachio butter and Pure Whey Isolate™ (in Chocolate flavour).

See a full list of Giovanni Fois’s favourite products here.

Super Stats

Bench Press155kg


Career highlights

There was a period where he trained four sports consistently, including powerlifting, calisthenics, weightlifting and bodybuilding. The greatest satisfaction for Giovanna was competing with the strongest in his weight category and holding his own despite having far less experience. 

But in his words, “I think the best moments of my life haven’t happened yet. I have lived a very full life without regrets. In its difficulties, I feel I have only lived moments that were either good or would become good”

Choose one meal

Pizza. He can’t live without it.

Giovanni’s Hero

If we talk about heroes from childhood, Giovanna grew up on Arnold Schwarzenegger, Superman, Spiderman and.. bread. But his father was always the true hero of the family.





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