Meet the Bulk™ Ambassadors – Alex Crockford

alex crockford


Birthday15th June 1990
Height5ft 9in/175cm
Weight 170lb77kg


The essentials

Alex has many skills up his sleeve. He’s a fitness content creator and owner of successful fitness app #CrockFit. If this isn’t enough to keep him occupied, Alex is also an actor. 

His fitness career began as a PT, and he built his brand by creating content on social media. Each day, he is inspired to help people get fitter, healthier and happier, while chasing their goals in life. 

In a day

A morning person, Alex kicks off his day with training to boost his mood and help with productivity. If he’s filming for YouTube or his app, he’ll squeeze another session in. 

Nutritionally, Alex has been gradually leaning towards a plant-based diet for a while. But his priority remains to hit those protein goals, stay fuelled for all his training and maintain nutritional variety. 

In a week

Alex likes to mix things up with bodyweight training, HIIT and gym-based weight lifting. There’s no specific plan. But he truly believes he gets better results when he stays committed to one focus. 

Top 3 Bulk™ picks 

We have an extensive collection of Alex Crockford’s favourite products, but here are his top three:

Vegan Protein Powder – A classic protein powder is a staple for Alex’s nutritional routine, and this one’s the current favourite. Shaken up in his morning smoothie, it helps hit his protein targets for the day. 

Vegan Protein Bar and MACRO MUNCH™ Protein Bar are Alex’s snacks of choice. Taking a quick break with one of these is a highlight of his day. In his words, “It’s like having a chocolate bar without all the sugar, and with the added benefits of nutritious ingredients”.   

Complete ZEN helps Alex wind down in the evenings and support sleep. Along with switching off from work, starting to relax and getting ready for bed, it’s part of his evening routine.

Super stats

SquatIn Alex's words, "Not so great"
Running5k Run in 21 min, Marathon in 4hr 7min


Career highlights

Fitness magazine covers are a great highlight for Alex. As a young boy, it was a dream to be in this industry. He’s certainly done it in style.

Choose one meal

Pizza. Cookies. Oh, but he also loves burgers. And chips. This wasn’t an easy question for Alex.

Alex’s hero

Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock)

“He’s into fitness. He’s an actor, like I’m becoming. He’s unstoppable with his achievements, and he’s got an incredible attitude, whilst also being humble and gracious.”







Alex Crockford


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