Pump, Focus and Drive: Pre-Workout Importance

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Physically opening the door and walking the long corridor towards the gym can be the hardest part of a training day for many athletes. Long days at work, big weekends on the town, whatever your reason, lethargy causes devastation to our gains.

Introducing ELEVATE™ ZERO

It really is a star-studded line up of amino acids (over 18g of Protein!) working as a powerful duet with 200mg of caffeine. For the first time in a while, this is a potent pre-workout without creatine on the team sheet, how refreshing!

Let’s break it down | Some of the Superstars…

Citrulline Malate

  • a whopping 5g.

One of the most heavily researched and under dosed amino acids of the 20th century is finally coming into the limelight. Citrulline Malate is being used universally in the sports world from cyclists, to powerlifters and footballers. Research has found that supplementation prior to exercise can decrease perceived rate of exertion in both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The highest amount of muscle fibre tears occur towards exhaustion, if you’re not creating these micro-tears, it doesn’t matter how many proteins or amino acids you have, there is nothing to repair! Speaking simply, you need muscle damage in order to stimulate growth.

Beta Alanine

  • 3.5g of skin tingling goodness.

A cunning combination alongside Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine has been shown to improve performance output by as much as 23%. Put two and two together, and you’ll find it easier to lift heavier! Within 20 minutes of ingestion, ELEVATE™ ZERO had my skin tingling and my mind focused. This is certainly not a pre-workout for you if you’re more into slow, unfocused sets!


  • 200mg & better than your average espresso!

Combine the Beta Alanine with the Caffeine and you’ve got no excuses when it comes to completing your workout, ELEVATE™ ZERO gifts you tunnel like laser-focused vision with fierce and fiery focus. Caffeine has been studied, supported and utilised by athletes for hundreds of years. An increase in blood circulation caused by an elevated heart rate means that more oxygen reaches the working muscles and the brain. Caffeine is one of the most researched of all ergogenic aids because of its diverse benefits, to take it one step further – research shows increased maximal power output (ideal for any sport or strength and conditioning programme) and decreased reaction time (useful for any sport!).


  • 5mg.

Finally, BioPerine is relatively new to the industry but has flown in and taken the market by storm.  This has been shown to drastically increase the bioavailability of the nutrients around it. No longer do you have to wait an hour for those precious amino acids to take effect and start healing and growing the hard work you put into your training!

My honest opinion and feedback?

ELEVATE™ ZERO really is the business… it’s dosed to deliver, with no half measures.

  • A fantastic long lasting pump. I even tested this out for longer durations at the same intensity and found no real decline in focus or energy.
  • It seems BULK POWDERS® have really invested into making their shakes not only nutritious, but delicious. (Pineapple & Grapefruit is my favourite!)
  • Much reduced DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) – I don’t know whether it is the 18g of Protein pre workout, but I felt fresh as a daisy the next day.

What’s to lose? If you’re not happy after 30 days (yeah right!) – you can make use of the 30-day money back guarantee.


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About the Author

Peter Beaumont is a BSC Sports Science and Nutrition specialist with over 8 years of experience working with professional and amateur athletes. He now co-ordinates the strength and conditioning programme at a Private Football Academy working with athletes from across the world up to premier league standard.

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