Staying on Track During Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
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It might be the “Year of the Pig” but you can stay healthy and lean this Chinese New Year.

Celebration food is a big part of Chinese New Year celebrations. But there’s no need to derail your 2019 fitness goals. Why not use the Chinese New Year as a chance to reset your focus and double down on your healthy habits. Here’s how to make the Chinese Year of the Pig work for you.

January 1st already seems a long time ago. The Chinese New Year – on February 5th – gives us all a handy reminder to reset our health and fitness resolutions. Here are 3 ways to use Chinese New Year to refocus your New Year’s Resolutions.

1) Revisit Your Goals

What exactly did you pledge to do at New Year? If your resolutions have already started to slip, maybe they were over ambitious or not specific enough. Take another look at them for Chinese New Year (hey, they’ll still be kind of New Year’s Resolutions!). Fitness goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time based. That means no vague declarations of “losing some weight this year” or “getting stronger”. How much weight, in what time frame, by what end date? How much stronger, how will you measure it, and when will you test it?

2) Dominate February

Some people find it easy to power through January with conviction, but then start to flag once February rolls around. So use Chinese New Year to focus your efforts on this second month of the year, too. It’s a nice short month, and it’s exactly 4 weeks long. What can you achieve in February’s 28 days? Set yourself a mini challenge, or break one of your bigger goals down into a mini goal – and smash it in February.

3) Keep It Going

Did you take part in Dry January, or Mind charity’s RED January fitness challenge? Whether you succeeded with every day, or had a couple of slip ups, keep it going. What did you learn from your January challenge? How can you take this forward into the rest of the year? What habits did you adopt, and what did you learn about yourself? Official January challenges are a great way to embed new habits and routines – but it’s important to build on them once January is over.

Can we help you refocus your New Year’s Resolutions? Check out our range of healthy foods to make February’s goals easier.

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