Sweet Strawberry & Banana Burger Recipe

Sweet Burger

When she’s not snacking on Komodo Dragon chilli and signing autographs on posters and calendars for her fan club in Gibraltar, Elke’s putting fire in our belly by making these glorious Sweet Burgers made using Complete High Protein Pancakes™ mix. Sometimes pancakes just don’t cut it, and when they don’t, that’s when Sweet Burgers come to save the day. The perfect sin-free treat for those who fancy a burger combo with a sweet twist. Move over Big Mac, The Muscle Bakery has got this.

Elke is being cited as the main cause of world population growth with food babies set to roam the earth for centuries to come. China has already banned her from entering because of the one child policy.


1.) Mash strawberries and bananas together

2.) Add the rest of the ingredients into the mix to form a mushy pancake style batter (but thicker)

3.) Heat up a non-stick pan on medium heat (coconut oil optional) and make your ‘burgers’ as you would pancakes, only thicker. Bear in mind they have no egg, so you don’t have to wait for them to cook to a certain point, just enough for you to be able to flip them over

4.) Sandwich them in your preferred bread or layer them up solo.

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