• The Running Edit: Nutrition and Stretching

      When it comes to running, nutrition, warming up and cooling down are essential for keeping your performance in tip-to condition. What should you eat? How should you stretch? We asked BULK POWDERS athlete and adidas Runners captain, Sajeh Tavasolie, for much-needed answers. How should I warm-up for a long run? If you head out […]

  • The Running Edit: Marathon advice from endurance experts

      Marathon season is upon us and you could probably do with a dose of extra motivation for the final push. Andy Elks and Laura Shewbridge are two seasoned endurance runners lining up for the London Marathon this year and as a happy coincidence, work for us at Bulk Powders HQ. We sat down with […]

  • The Running Edit: Five reasons why strength training is great for runners

    Five reasons why strength training is great for runners Whether you’re running your first 10k race or gearing up for this year’s London Marathon, strength training is your pre-race secret weapon. We sat down with six-time marathon runner and Lead Trainer at Digme Fitness, Ben Davie, to chat about the importance of mixing the miles […]

  • Tough Mudder: Training, What to Wear & Eat

      Taking on a ‘Tough Mudder’ Tough Mudder and other obstacle course races (OCR’s) are becoming increasingly popular activities for all manner of people to take part in. Many people take part in events like Tough Mudder to raise money for charity, as part of team building for their business or sports clubs or just […]

  • Simple Tips To Improve Your Triathlon Times | Part 2: Training

      As covered in my last article regarding transition tips to improve your triathlon time, there are several ways to knock seconds off your overall time and consequently improving your race position. For the elites and in sprint and Olympic distance races, the margins at the sharp end of the field can be a few […]

  • Your First Triathlon: Where To Start?

      So you have decided on entering a triathlon! First off, well done for deciding to push your boundaries and try a new sport (or three)!  If you are looking to get yourself up and running (after swimming and cycling of course), here are some helpful pointers for your first triathlon. Find a race You […]

  • The Endurance Supplement Hit List

    Sports supplements aren’t just for athletes who train in a gym. If your sport is about the pool, the playing field, or the open road, you need to know which supplements can help you perform and recover. Endurance sport is a different beast. Just ask any runner, cyclist, or triathlete. As an endurance athlete, you […]

  • Fuelling a Footballer: Tips From Ipswich Town FC’s Performance Nutritionist

    When it comes to sport, particularly endurance events, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s all about getting as many calories in as possible i.e. delivering as much energy as you can, and to a certain extent it is. The problem with this method is that too often people assume that calories and volume of […]