Vegan Satay Dip Recipe

Vegan Satay Dip Recipe


Elke, Head Chef at The Muscle Bakery, has whipped up this Vegan Satay Dip recipe using our VitaFiber™ and Peanut Butter. It’s super-healthy and versatile too; you can add it as sauce to a meal, or simply use it as a dip for chicken or veggies. Enjoy!


1.) Add water to a bowl and whisk in VitaFiber™ powder, then heat in microwave for 30 seconds.

2.) Whisk again and heat for a further 30 seconds.

3.) Fold in Peanut Butter, then add remainder of ingredient.

4.) Add to your simple meals to give it some flavour or use it as a dip with chicken skewers or veggies! Or you could always try with Cashew Butter instead! Yummy!

Note: if you prefer it thicker add more butter; if you prefer a runnier sauce then add less.

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