NEW Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™) launched

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BULK POWDERS™ have recently launched Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™). We’re the first UK company to launch with HydroBEEF™ – a premium beef protein, manufactured from lean fresh beef. As the name suggests, the beef protein has been hydrolysed allowing for faster absorption.

With Whey, Milk, Casein, Egg, Pea, etc. there’s already lots of choices of convenient protein sources. So, why Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™)?


Why Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™)?


Protein content

Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™) has an amazing 97% protein content for the unflavoured version. Even the flavoured version has a 90% protein content, which is fantastic for a flavoured product (particularly a chocolate flavour, which is typically lower due to the cocoa content).


Source of beef

The protein is from lean fresh beef. This is not a collagen product passed off as beef protein.


Low fat/carbs

As you would expect from a product with 97% protein, the fat and carbohydrate content of Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™) is very low, with a combined amount of less than 0.5g per serving.



Hydrolysing the protein breaks up the large protein bonds into smaller ones. The result is a lower molecular weight, and faster absorption compared to non-hydrolysed products.


Paleo diet

For those following Paleo eating principles, Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™) makes a great choice for increasing protein intake. For those who adhere very closely to the Paleo principles, the unflavoured version, in particular, makes an excellent choice. The only ingredient is beef protein from lean fresh beef – there is no sweetener, flavouring, colouring, etc.


Beef and only beef

Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™) doesn’t contain added amino acids or other protein sources – it is a pure beef protein product. Several beef protein products contain added Glycine – while ordinarily, this could have benefit, beef protein is naturally high in Glycine, so adding more is unnecessary.



Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™) does not contain lactose. If you struggle with dairy protein due to the lactose content and are looking for an alternative, that isn’t necessarily vegetarian, HydroBEEF™ makes a great choice.


Great tasting flavours

If you don’t fancy unflavoured beef protein, then the Chocolate or Chocolate Peanut flavours provide great options. The strength of the flavours means it tastes just like a ‘normal’ shake.


If you’re looking for an alternative to whey, something without lactose, a product that is suitable when following Paleo principles or you’re simply just curious, give Beef Protein Isolate 97% (HydroBEEF™) a try!

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