BULK POWDERS™ Partners With Running Heroes

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Founded in France in 2014, the website Running Heroes has gone from strength to strength. With 150,000+ members in France and over 10,000 already in the UK since launching in June 2015, Running Heroes connects brands such as BULK POWDERS™ with their community of members out pounding the pavements and treadmills.

The way it works is simple. If you exercise and use an app such as Nike+, Runtastic, Strava, Polar and a few others, connect your app with the Running Heroes website using Facebook, your email address and the app ID.

Once your accounts have been connected, Running Heroes will monitor your distances. Each time you run, points get accumulated depending on factors including the distance you run, the time you run and the elevation of the run. Apparently gender also plays a part with women getting 20% more points! This is great news for members of our Strava club and all other BULK POWDERS™ customers who love to add cardio into their training programme (well, maybe love isn’t the right word…).

Once you’ve accumulated 200 points, you can unlock our special 20% OFF EVERYTHING offer!

Running Heroes will give you a unique code that only you can use. Each person who unlocks the code gets a unique code just for them with one use. There is no minimum spend so it really is a great incentive to rack up points and claim your prize, especially as you can use the code at any time, at your convenience, when you need to restock your shelves.

Running Heroes Bulk Powders

Community is also an important part of Running Heroes. You can find people to run with and write on the popular forum to make new friends and exchange tips about how to progress.

Connect your app with Running Heroes today and get involved. We’re hoping to launch in France soon so if you shop on BULK POWDERS™ France, keep an eye out for announcements. If you find it difficult to get up for the Saturday morning Park Run at 9am, we hope this gives a little motivation 🙂

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