High Protein Chocolate Spread Recipe – BULKtella

Protein Nutella

We put out a teaser on Facebook to ask if you wanted a High Protein Chocolate Spread recipe we’ve aptly called BULKtella. The response was phenomenal with over 600 LIKES making this timeline post one of our top 5 most popular of all time!

A simple yet extremely satisfying protein spread recipe with superb macros. The perfect substitute for those sad moments when Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is out of stock. Get on it.

BULKtella is gluten, wheat, sugar, egg and soy free.


1.) In a bowl, add powdered Peanut Butter and your Chocolate Hazelnut Biscuit INFORMED WHEY®.
2.) Add water and whisk until you get a thick spreadable consistency (if you add more water than you should just add more powdered Peanut Butter but it will change the macros)
3.) Take a spoon and mix in the cocoa powder and chocolate LiquiFlav, adding more water if necessary (if too dry)
4.) You’re done! Fill a jar with your amazing High Protein Chocolate Spread and eat it with a spoon or spread it on some protein bread .

Make BULKtella!

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