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aline dessine


Birthday21st October 1994
Weight 55-65kg/121-143Ibs

The essentials

Since childhood, Aline dreamt of becoming an illustrator. Developing a love of sport later in life fulfilled this dream. Creating inspirational online content, Aline now combines her passion for fitness with illustration. 

Up until the age of 13, Aline’s sport was swimming. She stopped because she didn’t like the muscular physique it was giving her. She then developed mobility problems with her knees when she was 18 and was advised by doctors not to walk. After two years of frustration, she discovered climbing, which allowed her to use her arms and take the pressure off her knees. 

A year later, she was then advised to start strength training to help build muscle. Aline joined a gym, and there was no turning back. She fell in love with the feelings of control, strength and power over her body and mind. It became a passion. She became an expert. Aline started sharing fitness content online and soon gathered an impressive following. She decided to share her drawings too and now gets commissioned for her talents.

It’s thanks to bodybuilding that Aline became an illustrator, and her childhood dream came true. She combines her love of fitness, which gives her stability and wellbeing, with her talent and passion for drawing.

In a day

Aline eases herself gradually into the day, cuddling up with her cat until 9am. She enjoys a high-protein bowl cake while responding to messages from clients. The rest of the morning is spent illustrating. Afternoons are devoted to creating YouTube videos and creating social content. She trains in the evening, after dinner. Aline has the gym to herself, and loves ending the day well.

In a week 

Aline trains four to five times per week  This includes two big leg days, of two hours and 30 minutes each, on Monday and Friday. On Tuesday, she works on flexibility for one or two hours. Wednesday is for cardio, and she sometimes works her upper body on Thursday. 

She loves training her upper body, but she takes it carefully after all her years of swimming. For the leg sessions, she always works in 12-10-8-6. She starts with the lightest weight on the set of 12 repetitions and increases the loads with each set before finishing on the set of 6.

Top 3 Bulk™ picks 

If Aline could have one supplement, it would be Creatine Monohydrate Powder. Perfect for increasing physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high-intensity exercise. Citrulline Malate is another favourite, which Aline takes before every workout. She reports less soreness and an improvement to her muscles and performance as a result. We then have two products in joint third place. Our Lifting Belt is indispensable for Aline in protecting her back during squats or very heavy deadlifts. And in Aline’s words, our Protein Millionaires Slice is, “Just too good. It’s delicious”.

See a full list of Aline’s favourite products here.

Super stats

Aline was thrilled to be asked this question, and she’s very proud of her achievements. And rightly so. The hip thrust is her favourite exercise, and she currently lifts 325kg in 6 repetitions.

Career highlights

Learning that she might not be able to walk one day was a major turning point and drove Aline to make a change. Discovering weight training was a real revelation. Her first 100kg in the hip thrust was also a defining moment. Sheer strength.

Choose one meal

Breakfast. Any breakfast.

Aline’s hero

“Lya Powerlift is the world champion in powerlifting. A smiling, ultra-humble girl who lifts heavier than any big guy in my gym. I just love her. She’s a real inspiration. And Leanbeefpatty. I just love her abs, that’s all.”





Aline Dessine


Aline Dessine

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