Meet the Bulk™ Ambassadors – Joséphine Aguiar

Josephine Aguiar

The essentials

Joséphine has always been athletic. She loved basketball and judo, in her early years, before turning her attention to bodybuilding. But she has experienced her fair share of health challenges. Joséphine has fought her way through disordered eating and significant weight loss, as well as problems with the intestinal flora (causing fatigue through poor absorption of nutrients).

She has now found balance. Joséphine continues to progress physically, aiming to surpass herself every day. Her goal is to help others find a healthy, long-term life balance, acknowledging that not everyone’s health and fitness journey is smooth.

In a day

Joséphine confesses that she’s not a morning person. Her day begins at 8am with a dog walk to help wake her up. After some breathing exercises, it’s smoothie time (more on this later). 

Once at work, Jo spends some time with each member of her team to make sure they’re set for the day. The morning is then devoted to a mix of coaching and emails. After lunch, the afternoon is spent on ad hoc projects and video calls. 

Joséphine works out in the evening. This is when she has the most energy, optimising sessions for achieving her fitness goals and creating content. She is an organised person, and there’s always a schedule, but every day is different. 

In a week 

Joséphine structures her workouts over 10 days, rather than a week. Generally, it equates to five workouts per seven days – three lower body and two upper body. 

She always makes time to warm up before each session (so important). For the upper body, this includes horizontal, vertical and circular movement of shoulders, elbows and wrists. She then progresses into the routine gradually, warming up muscles with submaximal weights.

Top 3 Bulk™ picks 

It has to be the breakfast shake for Joséphine. She shakes up Pure Whey Protein in Salted Caramel flavour, Crunchy Peanut Butter and Vanilla Flavoured LiquiFlav™. She also adds EAAs during her session and creatine post-workout. 

See a full list of Josephine’s favourite products here.

Super stats

Bulgarian Lunge28kg

Career highlights

2015 was a significant year for Joséphine, when she made her first step into the gym and achieved her first sporting goals. In August 2020, she injured her ankle just two months before a competition. But in October that year, she went on to achieve third place at the French Cup in Bikini Junior.

Choose one meal

Bowl cake or porridge. She found it impossible to choose between the two. 






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