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Not surprisingly our marketing team like to make a big noise about the introduction of new flavours.  We’ve seen massive interest around the new whey flavours such as Peaches & Cream or Chocolate Peanut.  But we’ve not just been working on new flavours – we’ve also been working on our old standards.

Why change?

As part of our brand overhaul we’ve been doing a major tasting programme.  We normally spend  a lot of time tasting one batch against its predecessors to ensure consistency but this year we’ve been doing additional comparison tests against our competitors.  As a result, we’ve re-engineered all of our standard flavours.  The core products and their relative nutritionals have not changed in the slightest, nor the quality of the ingredients.  But we have taken advantage of new flavourings (not previously available) to re-do them from scratch.

So are the flavours new?

In the first instance, our ambition was limited to precise match of the existing flavour.  But where we found (and agreed after repeated iterations) that the new flavour version was better, we did go with the improvement.

This leaves us in a quandary on how to announce the flavours.  We didn’t want to do an over-the-top “new and improved” announcement.  For a start the flavour isn’t new – chocolate is still chocolate.  And just as importantly, we didn’t think the changes were significant enough to make an “improved” claim.  In the majority of cases, we would defy you to spot the difference.  So on that basis we’ve tried to keep it low key.

On the other hand as we have brought some of the new flavours through, some of you with highly developed palates have queried the taste of their new batches.


Now we have rolled out all of the new flavours across the whey range, we think it appropriate to let everyone know what we’re doing.  Do it too early and no-one would know which had changed.  To say nothing would not be in our normal transparent way of doing things.    So there you have it.  Our flavours are now all updated.  And we think they’re better.  If you don’t please let us know or if you are feeling cautious why not start with a sample or a trial 500g bag?

Next steps

We are now moving the flavours across to the Complete Series and expect all our products to be using the new flavourings by the end of the month.

By all means take a moment to review your next order and let us know how you got on.  And, as we’ve already said, we think they are either exactly the same or slightly better.

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