No Secret Ingredient

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BULK POWDERS™ have always had a very simple approach to sports nutrition. Source the best quality ingredients, list them clearly, dig out any research we can find to support their use… and let our customers make their own minds up.

That’s why we don’t necessarily have the sexiest product descriptions in the industry.  We tend to call a spade a spade. So you won’t find any pots of “Raging Beast XXXX”, when you browse our site, but you might find plenty of helpful suggestions for Pre-Workout.

And that’s also why you won’t find any “Ingredient X”.  Our nutritionists may provide interesting combinations of ingredients, that we all think add up to an interesting and effective solution.  But we won’t claim “secret” and we won’t claim “special”.  In the words of arguably the greatest MMA competitor (Kung Fu Panda), “There is no secret ingredient. It’s you.”

We are often bemused when we launch a new product and we get ten people jumping on Facebook to say it won’t work. It may be they have tried it and it didn’t work for them (or maybe, more importantly it didn’t work in conjunction with their other product).  But that doesn’t mean it won’t work in other combinations or for other people.

We don’t know all the answers and never claimed to.  And nor does anyone who is a true professional in this game.  It’s a constant process of trial and error, moving hopefully ever upwards.  And that’s why we want you (we need you) to really understand every product as you move forward.  In the end, it’s down to your goals, your training programme and your sweat.

We will never keep secrets (we are the only sports nutrition company to list everything).

And we’ll leave the crazy names and BS content descriptions to our competitors.

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