Strength and Power

  • How Strong Are You Really?

      Most people who go to the gym assume they’re stronger than average. Do you know how you really stack up? Ever been asked how much you bench, or whether your muscles are just for show? As gym goers, we spend a ton of time training, but some of us never discover how strong we […]

  • Getting It Right | Training For Maximum Results

      It may shock some of you to hear a Personal Trainer saying that really, truly, exercise and weight loss are not rocket science. Of course I want to promote my services and convince would-be clients that I can train them to achieve results they wouldn’t see on their own. However the truth of the […]

  • New Year: Six Pack Goals

      I think it’s fair to say that one of the most common gym goals in the world is to have an aesthetic, lean looking six pack. So why hasn’t everyone got one that wants one? Well we need to focus on a couple of fundamental areas to achieve this goal – but first, let’s […]

  • Train Your Posterior Chain

      You can’t see it, but that’s no excuse for ignoring it. Here’s how to develop a stronger posterior chain. Bodybuilders have a saying, that “bodybuilding competitions are won from the back”. Whilst that might not always be true, there’s no denying that the muscles of the posterior chain create a powerful physique. How much […]

  • The Science of Strength Training

    Why am I getting stronger but not getting bigger? We’ve all seen it before; the “smaller” athletes at the gym bench pressing three times their body-weight, or the big guys with biceps the size of their heads who couldn’t deadlift the same weight if their brown rice depended on it? Of course, you can have […]

  • Preparing For Your First Lifting Meet

    In many different types of sport, there is an element of competition involved; team sports are primarily competitive and even exercising solely for the physical benefits can become competitive if you wish to enter bodybuilding competitions. I myself compete in Powerlifting; this is squat, bench and deadlift. The goal is to lift as much weight […]

  • Rebecca Campsall Talks Explosive Power & Recovery

    As a sprinter, most of my training is focused on generating power and developing explosive strength. This is the case both on the track and in the gym. There are many ways this can be achieved but set out below are a few of my favourites. Hang clean In sprinting it is important to place […]

  • Top 3 Tips for Improving Your Bench Press | Stephen Manuel

    We recently asked our sponsored athlete, Stephen Manuel, for his top 3 tips for improving your bench press. Here is what he had to say: Tip 1: Focus on your technique Technique is paramount. It is important to keep the shoulders healthy when benching. If done incorrectly (more common than you’d think) you place your […]

  • Progressive Overload | Is Training Overload the key to Real Progress?

    Progressive overload is what I believe to be the key to good programming; from running a marathon, to training for a powerlifting meet, if progressive overload is not being utilised in the programme, the programme won’t be as efficient as it could and it will take far longer to accomplish the goal you set out […]