5 Intra-Workout Essential Supplements

intra-workout essential supplements

Pre-Workout, Post-Workout and now Intra-Workout. You might be getting sick of all these hyphens, but we guarantee you’ll never get sick of dominating your workout.

Intra-workout nutrition has become a bit of a myth and the industry is full of controversy about this one – but we think its pretty simple: give yourself the best, most comprehensive fuel.

You’ll see better performance and long-term results for the time you put into fuelling your hard work.

Why you Need an Intra-Workout

Intra-workout is just another way of referring to the stuff you do while you’re in the gym (or anywhere else you break a sweat).

Intra-workout nutrition is the stuff you eat and drink during your workout to provide you with the nutrients and energy you need to keep crushing it. It’s about putting good stuff back into your body when exercise takes it out.

If you’re on a long training session, or its feeling particularly hard today, then it’s possible you’re just under-fuelled. This isn’t just about calories, either: you’ll see some real performance drop-offs if you’re under-carbed, dehydrated or deficient in your micronutrients.

When you push yourself, you burn up essential nutrients and sweat out important minerals, so your intra-workout supplements need to keep you sharp and replenish anything you’ve lost.

5 Essential Intra-Workout Supplements

We aren’t just going to list the best products for your intra-workout nutrition, we’re going to give you all the “why” so you know what you’re getting and what it’s going to do for you.

1.) Instant BCAA

BCAAs are a group of the most important amino acids, essential for the building and maintenance of your muscles. These key compounds are essential for recovery and performance – and you’re not going to be able to get them from the chicken breast when you’re in the gym (because that’s weird).

Instant BCAAs are water-soluble and designed to be rapidly-absorbing. This means they’re going to get into your system rapidly and provide the ideal balance of key amino acids when they’re needed most.

2.) PeptoPro®

PeptoPro® is all about rapidly replenishing the proteins your body needs to keep the muscles and joints healthy while you’re using them. This will kick-start your recovery and ensure that you’re getting stronger the moment you step out of the gym.

We put this product together with the specific aim of refuelling while you train: it has the fasted-absorbing protein content on the market and provides a complete protein source using rapidly-digesting amino acids.


With a mixture of PeptoPro®’s rapid digestion BCAAs and our Vitargo carbohydrate complex, ENDURE™ is a complete choice and covered under Informed Sport. This means that you’re getting the perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein to fuel your recovery.

The carbohydrates in enduring are designed to be rapidly digested and replace the carbohydrate-energy you’ve used in your workout. This improves performance and allows you to keep going when things start getting tough!

4.) Complete Intra Workout™

This is exactly what it sounds like: an intra-workout supplement that covers all your bases.

With a combination of BCAAs, Nitrogen-boosting Citrulline and muscle-building glutamine, Complete Intra-Workout™ is your one-stop supplement for your performance needs.

It’s going to mean better performance, better recovery and (according to our happy customers) reduced DOMS!

5.) Complete Hydration Drink™

Hopefully, you’re already drinking water when you train to keep yourself healthy. However, water alone isn’t going to offer the best hydration and you’re missing out on an easy way of improving performance.

Complete Hydration Drink™ is a simple, scientific approach to maximising your performance and hydration during a workout.

With a mixture of fast-absorbing sugars, electrolytes, vitamins and protein, you’re going to refuel on-the-go. This means better recovery and rapid access to the raw materials your body needs to dominate your workout.

What’s Going to Work for You?

So these are our picks for the most important intra-workout supplements to keep you at your very best. The question now is: “what’s most suitable for your individual needs?”

The Best Intra-Workout to Improve Endurance Performance

If you’re looking to crush performance goals in endurance work then you’re going to need to focus on getting lots of intra-workout carbs and proteins. You’re also going to need the electrolytes and vitamins found in the Complete Hydration Drink™!

These replenish the essential nutrients you lost during your workout and keep you fuelled up. The electrolytes boost hydration which is going to be key if you’re running marathons, rowing your hands off or hitting the bike.

The Best Intra-Workout for Building Muscle

If you’re in the gym to get more muscular and chase a pleasing physique, you’re going to want to keep your carbs and proteins up quickly. The energy system for the classical hypertrophy training (anywhere between 6 and 12 reps) is all about carbohydrates.

If you’re looking for carbohydrates, and fast, then you’re going to want ENDURE™: a supplement designed to deliver BCAAs and carbs as fast as possible. No fuss, just the fuel your muscles need to keep squeezing out those hard, rewarding reps.

The Best Intra-Workout for Health and Wellbeing

If you’re in the gym because you want to look and feel better while keeping healthy, you need to find balance and you probably don’t want to spend time fiddling with your intra-workout supplements.

Complete Intra-Workout™ is designed to be a well-rounded, hands-off approach to getting your body into optimum function. All you have to do is mix and drink: we take care of the science behind your quality of life!


Intra-workout supplements are an important, overlooked part of nutrition. By taking it seriously, you can boost your results with very little effort – something that’s rarely the case in health and fitness.

Our selection of high-quality intra-workout supplements provide everything you need to improve your performance, push through those hard workouts and achieve your best results.

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