Boost Bedroom Performance With 5 Natural Supplements for Guys Who Train

Boost Bedroom Performance
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It’s not always sunshine and rainbows for guys in the gym. Are you ever left feeling like there’s nothing in the tank for bedroom “cardio”? These all-natural supplements should help.

Being a bloke in the gym can be more of a struggle than we’d like to admit. We’re meant to always be up for it, striding around like we own the place, and have plenty of energy for cardio when we get back to the Mrs. But here’s a little secret not many guys want to admit. Life, training, and even the gym environment can zap what little energy we do have, leaving us feeling woefully lacking in the bedroom department. What happens when life – or training – affect your performance outside of the gym?

Happily for everyone, there are plenty of natural supplements, ingredients, and combinations we can use to rebalance our hormones, perk up flagging libidos, and tackle the root of low energy.

So have a read of this (in secret, if you like) and thank us later.

First of all, it would help to understand what your problem actually is. Assuming you’re a healthy bloke in generally good nick, there could be various reasons for a temporary slump in performance in the sack. Here are just some of them:

1) A lack of signal from the pituitary gland (in which case you might benefit from increasing the leutinising hormone)

2) Low levels of testosterone – but decent levels of leutinising hormone

3) High prolactin levels

There’s also the issue of recent steroid use, which can definitely affect hormones, energy, mood and relationships at home. But that’s not a topic we’re going to cover here.

Five natural supplements which can improve male performance:

Zinc or ZMA

This important trace mineral is required for testosterone production, but can be easily depleted when you train hard. And if your diet is lacking variety, or if you eat a lot of convenience foods, there’s a high chance you’re not getting enough zinc. Consider supplementing with zinc itself (our OptiZinc® has been specifically designed to increase bioavailability by binding premium zinc with methionine), or with ZMA – a popular night-time supplement for men. Not only can it put a spring in your step but it can also really help with quality of sleep, leaving you feeling much more energised throughout the day. We all know what a difference a good night’s sleep can make.


Copper supports healthy nervous system function, and it may be a good partner for your increased zinc intake. Zinc impairs the absorption of copper, so some people like to pair zinc and copper to increase total zinc levels. Bear in mind that there is limited research to suggest a correlation between high levels of copper and low testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid is the d-form of the amino acid aspartic acid. It’s a popular natural test booster which can increase the luteinising hormone to improve the body’s natural signals from the pituitary gland. D-Aspartic acid powder is a cost-effective supplement which you can easily add to your supplement stack. It should be naturally present in areas of the body where hormone production takes place, including the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and the testes. Supplementing with D-Aspartic acid powder is a simple, natural and budget-friendly way of supporting male hormones.

DAA with ZMA

D-Aspartic acid powder (DAA) and ZMA (zinc and magnesium) is a useful combination for some guys. DAA stimulates the luteinising hormone (which signals the body to increase test production) and ZMA aids test production, so this would be a good stack if you have low levels of testosterone itself, or need to increase the luteinising hormone.

A complete all-in-one natural test booster

We’ve made it easy for you guys by combining the best natural test boosters in one daily dose: D-Aspartic acid, protodioscin and zinc monomethionine are three active ingredients which can boost normal test levels in the blood. No proprietary blend or mysterious ingredients, just straight up natural hormone support (at dosages higher than any other competitor product) which could make you feel like an alpha in the gym (and in the bedroom) again! It’s received great feedback and has a loyal following. 3,000mg of pharmacuetical grade D-Aspartic acid, 50% Protodioscin extract and 150mg zinc monomethionine.

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