Cookie, Banana and Strawberry Pancakes

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This Cookie, Banana and Strawberry pancakes recipe serves up a mountain of protein goodness and is a taste delight. Packed full of protein and carbs, this is a perfect breakfast starter or post-workout treat!




1. Add egg whites into a mixing bowl and mix with BULK POWDERSPure Whey Protein (chocolate cookies)

2. Heat pan with butter.

3. To make small pancakes add a small amount of the mixture at a time into a pan. Once cooked place on side plate until all the mixture is cooked.


1. Between each layer, spread a little bit of Greek yogurt , banana and strawberries and layer on top of each other until it forms a stack of pancakes.


1.Place the rest of banana and strawberries on top.

2. Spread the peanutbutter and the chocolate cookie sauce on top of fruit.

3. Then, microwave dark chocolate for one minute and drizzle on top, to make a prefect finish. 4. And enjoy!


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457 Kcals

51g Protein

34g Carbohydrates

13g Fat


Author: Chef Gray



4 Egg Whites

20g BULK POWDERS™ Pure Whey Protein (Chocolate Cookie)

2g Butter


30g Strawberries

100g Banana

40g Greek Yoghurt 0% Fat


14g Peanut Butter

10g BULK POWDERS Pure Whey Protein (Chocolate Cookie)

10g 74% Dark Chocolate