Diet Protein Mousse Dessert or Complete Protein Dessert™?

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Why don’t we call Complete Protein Dessert™ a ‘diet protein mousse dessert’ or a ‘lean protein mousse dessert’? The answer is simple – our protein dessert will help with muscle building, recovery and satiety without calling it ‘diet’ or ‘lean’.

How will our Complete Protein Dessert™ help when looking to diet?

Complete Protein Dessert™ contains:

– 30g of protein per 40g serving (81% of the calories come from protein)
– Only 1.54g of fat per serving
– Only 3.4g of carbohydrates per serving
– Only 1.68g sugar per serving
– Only 147 calories per serving

So as you can see, it’s low calorielow fatlow sugar and low carb. If you’re tracking macros, it will barely cause a dent in them except your protein intake which will receive a massive 30g boost. And this is without calling it a ‘diet protein mousse’.

How will our protein dessert help achieve lean muscle?

Complete Protein Dessert™ is made from Whey Protein ConcentrateMilk Protein Concentrate and Egg White Protein. Have a bowl before bed and this slow release combination of proteins (milk and egg protein) will get to work whilst you sleep, helping with muscular growth and recovery. And this is without calling it a ‘lean protein mousse’.

If you don’t want to have a bowl before bed, by all means enjoy it at any time throughout the day.

You can jazz up your protein mousse dessert by including fruits, chia seedscoconut flakes or anything else you’d like to try. However our strawberry flavour does already contain real fruit pieces.

Why choose Complete Protein Dessert™ instead of other protein desserts and protein mousses?


Importantly, Complete Protein Dessert™ contains NO gelatine like other protein dessert and protein mousse on sale in the UK today.

Why is this a good thing?

Gelatine is a poor protein source; by poor, we mean that its bioavailability (how much the body uses) is very low. Also, the amino acid profile is very poor compared to dairy proteins. While Gelatine is very good at boosting the protein content for minimal cost (Gelatine is extremely cheap), we feel it artificially inflates protein content.


Complete Protein Dessert™ sets in less than 10 minutes (by all means keep it in the fridge a little longer if you wish). This means you can get stuck in quickly after preparing it, you won’t have to wait 30-60 minutes like other protein desserts and protein mousse products.


Available to buy in two delicious and luxurious flavours – Chocolate Caramel and Strawberry (with real fruit pieces – another unique feature of Complete Protein Dessert™), as well as being extremely tasty, it’s also much lower in price than any other protein dessert or protein mousse. You won’t find a lower price per serving (72p when buying a 1kg pouch).

Enjoy your high protein treat that tastes like Angel Delight but with a much better nutritional profile!

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