Eating Plan: Jessica Johns-Green

Jessica Johns-Green Eating Plan
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Eating Plans.

We all aspire to improve ourselves and a great way to do this is to learn from others, and people around us. Use this series to learn about the diet of athletes and professionals and understand how small changes to your own diet plan and eating habits could help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Introducing Jessica Johns-Green.

Working as a psychologist, CrossFit coach, personal trainer and mother to a beautiful little boy, Jess knows that eating healthily with a busy life and a family can be a challenge. She looks for simple, nutritious options that she can enjoy without the nasty things like sugar, preservatives or lots of refined carbohydrates. She eats for nutrition and energy, more than appearance and weight. Getting enough protein in her diet is important too, to aid her recovery in what is normally a pretty hectic training schedule.

Daily Macros: 40% Protein, 30% Fats, 30% Carbohydrates.

Here is a breakdown of what Jess eats on a typical day – fitting in around her work and training.

Jessica Johns-Green Eating Plan


  • Breakfast is normally 4-5 eggs with spinach in an omelette cooked with butter. I’m talking the good stuff here – butter from the milk of grass-fed cows. If i’m in a real hurry I’ll use Liquid Egg Whites, instead of cracking eggs and separating the yolks myself.
  • Mid morning I’ll grab myself a black coffee. Caffeine does wonders as a general pick-me-up, and gives me an edge when I’m training – at least it feels that way!
  • I’m also a fan of the Complete Greens™. I’ll mix this up with a splash of orange juice. It’s a great way of ensuring I’m getting the vitamins and minerals I need early in the day.

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  • Lunch is a combination of protein (normally chicken, beef, fish or pork) and a heap of veg (broccoli is my favourite), and some fats in the form of avocado or coconut oil, nuts or bacon.
  • On alternate days when I’m feeling like I need a boost, I’ll add some rice or potato.



  • Dinner is often quite varied but always includes a good source of protein and veg.
  • Some of my favourite meals include:
    • Pork meatballs cooked in tomatoes served with courgette ‘spaghetti’.
    • Roast chicken with lots of carrots, peppers and broccoli.
  • I’ll eat almost half a chicken on a good day!



  • I have a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This is usually a piece of fruit or berries, with a few nuts or some almond butter several hours later.
  • Sometimes I’ll have a min-meal of protein and veg if I’m super hungry.

Jessica Johns-Green Eating Plan


  • The evening is a time to wind down. I like to have a chamomile tea with honey.
  • On the weekends I might have a few pieces of dark chocolate, if I fancy it.
  • I’ll normally finish up with 2 x ZMA tablets and 1 krill oil capsule to promote a great night’s sleep.


As you can see from Jess’s eating plan, her diet is based on nutritious whole foods, with the incorporation of supplements to support her when she needs it. Jess tends to consume the majority of her protein from lean protein sources such as chicken, meat and fish. She also tries to get a high percentage of her carbohydrates from vegetables, rather than white carbohydrates, but will add rice and potatoes into her eating plan if she needs more energy.

Jess is very conscious of the demands training puts on her, so it’s important she has sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals, as well as good quality fatty acids. Supplements like Complete Greens™, ZMA and Krill Oil make it that little bit easier for Jess to consume the nutrients she needs. View Jess’s athlete profile here.

For more athlete eating plans and nutritional ideas and inspiration, look no further than The Core™. Learn about the diets of athletes and professionals and understand how small changes to your own diet plan and eating habits can help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals.

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