Low Calorie Protein Wrap Recipe

Low Calorie Protein Wraps
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Here’s a healthy Low Calorie Protein Wrap recipe, perfect for anyone who wants a healthier alternative to bread, pitta or regular wraps. With only 4 main ingredients, it’s a doddle to make too. Cook up your protein wraps in less than 2 minutes!


1.) Blend together the ingredients. Allow to sit for a minute or two.

2.) Heat a small non stick pan with spray oil or coconut oil to medium heat. Ladle in 1/4 of the batter (don’t pour). Swirl the batter around the pan and cook for about 30 seconds before flipping over. Repeat with the remaining mixture. Cool on a wire rack, then fill, wrap and eat!

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MACROS (per wrap)

20 Kcals

3.8g Protein

0.7g Carbs

0.1g Fats


Author: Hebe Burton


100ml Liquid Egg Whites

30ml Almond Milk

5g Brown Rice Flour

1tsp Psyllium Husk

Spices of Choice (eg. Paprika, Garlic Powder)