Price Guarantee or Everyday Low Price?

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A price match promise sounds quite customer friendly, when you first look at it. It sounds like a retailer who is really getting behind his prices and setting out the stall as the price leader. So why doesn’t do this?

First of all, who do you associate with price matches?  Funnily enough, John Lewis and their “never knowingly undersold” claim.  We know they are never the cheapest.  But because the brand carries so much goodwill, and because they will actually action any claim reasonably efficiently they can just about get away with it.  The problem comes when less reputable brands make the promise.  You just know it’s going to be a major challenge getting the promise fulfilled.

The second big issue is always “like for like”.  There are many low specification options that simply aren’t up to the standard of high quality whey protein… and we only sell the highest quality versions.  But that is not always clear to price sensitive shoppers.

But the point that really counts for us is that it’s plain bad manners not to make your best offer up front.  It puts the onus onto the customer to go looking around all the other sports supplements suppliers.  It wastes everybody’s time.  And it leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth.  It’s like telling your girlfriend “I’m really great in bed but if you find someone better I’ll raise my game”.

We don’t think “cheapest UK prices except where we aren’t” is a great boast to make.  We are much more comfortable with “cheapest UK prices”.   And we hope you are, too.

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  1. Just to advise you guys, are £5 cheaper than yourselves for 5kgs of unflavoured whey protein isolate.

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