Q&A with Lucy Watson

Ever wondered how Lucy Watson keeps herself fit and stress-free? We recently sat down with our vegan ambassador Lucy, to find out more about her wellness regime. 


How do you stay fit?

I like to do both low and high intensity workouts throughout the week.  I really enjoy going to circuits and aim to do three to four classes a week, combining this with yoga, barre and walking. 

What do you do to ensure your muscles recover properly after a workout?

I always stretch after a workout and I find that doing yoga a couple of times a week helps me recover more quickly.  I also ensure I refuel properly and my go-to product is Bulk Powders’ Vegan all-in-one, which contains plant protein, creatine and BCAAs.

How do you deal with stress?

When I’m feeling stressed I love to cook, I find it really therapeutic. I try to make sure that I’m eating a balanced diet consisting of fibre, carbs & plant protein. I also find that exercise, particularly yoga, helps as well as daily meditation. Ensuring I get enough sleep is also something that I find allows me to deal with my stress better.  I recently started taking Bulk Powders’ CBD Oil Dropper before bed and I’ve found my quality of sleep has improved a lot. 

What other Bulk Powders products do you use?

I mainly use Bulk Powders’ products as ingredients when cooking, for example, nuts, grains and chia seeds. I also buy my vitamins and minerals from Bulk Powders and add the Complete Greens and Spirulina powders to my morning smoothies.


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