Smokey BBQ Burger Recipe

Elke, the leader of the Muscle Bakery movement, has jumped on the BBQ train. She’s taken real beef, coupled with our incredible Smokey BBQ flavour Nuts About Whey™ and created this summer lovin’ Smokey BBQ Burger recipe. A simple dish but an absolute favourite already! Sizzle away…


1.) Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, making sure everything is blended in well.

2.) Heat up a non-stick pan on medium heat, and proceed to sizzle your burgers up. Roll into a ball prior to adding to pan (to make it easier) and then flatten into it, and flip away in a similar fashion to Spongebob and his Crabby Patties.

3.) Then, stack em up, add cheese, salad, or even some fried onions… then sandwich that beautiful burger and enjoy the bbqey sensation.

Get Baking!

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