Update: New Product Development in April

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April was a busy month for the BULK POWDERS™ product development team, with a number of exciting product launches. BULK POWDERS™ core launches over the last few weeks have included:


1. Complete Protein Coffee™
2. Complete Breakfast Smoothie™
3. Complete High Protein Smoothie™
4. High Protein Snack Bars
5. Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate
6. Micellar Casein
7. Beef Protein Isolate 97 (HydroBEEF™)


Alongside these core products, we’re continually adding products across our entire range – we’re working hard to ensure we’ve the most comprehensive offering possible. In the last few weeks we’ve bolstered our product offering with:


8. Hyaluronic Acid Tablets 150mg
9. Chromium Picolinate Tablets 250mcg
10. Chia Seeds
11. Fructose Powder
12. Kale Powder


As you’ve come to expect from BULK POWDERS™, we’ve sourced the highest quality ingredients and offered them at unbeatable prices. The majority of products are manufactured in-house in our state of the art clean room.

Products such as Complete Breakfast Smoothie™ and Complete Protein Smoothie™ are unique, in that they offer an authentic smoothie experience with a significant inclusion of fruit pieces. A majority of similar products contain a bit of fruit powder – more like a fruit flavoured protein drink than a real protein smoothie. The same can be said for the popular Complete Protein Coffee™ – whereas many similar products need to be put in the microwave.

Complete Protein Coffee™ offers an authentic coffee drinking experience with heat stable Whey Protein Isolate and premium Colombian coffee.

Our recent tablet launches – Hyaluronic Acid Tablets 150mg and Chromium Picolinate 250mcg, offer the highest quality forms, with industry leading dosages.

Continually expanding our product range is a main goal for BULK POWDERS™ – if you’ve any products that you’d like to see us launch, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Assuming it’s legal for us to sell and we’re able to source and produce a high quality product, we’ll look to incorporate it into our product development plans.

Rest assured, there are many more exciting products already in development!

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