Vegan Chocolate Protein Bar Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Protein Bars

Some say she was once almost attacked by a flash mob of Elvis impersonators, but was saved when a singing unicorn walked past, distracting her aggressors. Others believe she is actually the President of the United States of America, and is in the process of having The White House renovated and eventually converted into a castle made exclusively of peanut butter.

All we know is that when Elke touches a kitchen utensil, the Earth stops spinning and the Macro Gods sit up and take notice. She’s been busy again, creating this Vegan Chocolate Protein Bar recipe – utilising our Super Pea Protein Isolate and Chia Seeds to great effect.


1.) Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, I added the dry ingredients followed by the wet ingredients.

2.) The sorghum flour is key to this recipe, for the simple reason that it will soak up all the moisture from chia eggs and milk and create a doughy texture.

3.) Using your hands, really mix it together until you have a large dough-y ball.

4.) From there, divide the mix into 6 balls, these will be your bars.

5.) On a greaseproof sheet (leaving enough space between them) start shaping the balls into bars.

6.) Once done, you can enjoy as they are, or pop them in freezer to harden and follow with a coat of Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate for a full on tasty Vegan Protein Bar experience.

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