Vegan vs Whey Protein – Which should I choose?

Choosing the right protein shake for you can feel like an overwhelming task. Hit search and you’re faced with pages upon pages of different options, all claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be confusing. 

Your choice of protein powder should be based on your lifestyle, your goals and (perhaps most importantly) what kind of textures and flavours you like. If you’re not sure where to start, this article should help point you in the right direction. 

Why should I choose whey protein?

Arguably the most popular form of protein powder is whey protein. There are countless reasons for this. Primarily, it’s a quality protein source that contains all the essential amino acids. It also tastes great. Whey protein is widely available, easily digestible (if your diet includes dairy), has a smooth texture and comes in a wide range of flavours. Additionally, if you opt for a whey protein concentrate, it won’t break the bank. It’s a simple decision for anyone looking to add a tasty protein drink into their diet. 

Another advantage of whey protein (if that’s not enough) is that there are different varieties. You have the choice on what texture, price and amount of protein per serving best suits you. At Bulk™, we have six main types of whey protein products. Although there are no hard and fast answers as to which is best, we have tried to summarise the main points of difference between them.

Whey Protein comparison table

NameProtein per servingPrice per servingSummary
Essential Whey Protein21g£0.89Our cheapest whey protein, so great for your bank account. Over 20g protein per serving, with a thick and creamy texture (almost like a milkshake). Slightly more fat and sugar compared to Pure Whey Protein™.
Pure Whey Protein™23g£1.18Our bestseller, made using whey protein concentrate. Thick and creamy texture with lots of flavour options.
Pure Whey Isolate™25g£1.82In comparison to Pure Whey Protein™, it has more protein (as it’s made using whey protein isolate - a more advanced whey), less fat and sugar, and a slightly thinner texture. Lots of flavour options. Higher price reflects protein content.
Pure Whey Isolate™ 9725g£1.60An even more advanced whey protein than Pure Whey Isolate™. Quickly absorbed into the body, even easier to digest (if your diet includes dairy). Fewer flavour options and a thinner texture.
Informed Whey® Protein24g£1.43Our Informed Sport tested whey protein contains a mix of whey protein concentrate and isolate. Added ingredients include leucine, glutamine, DigeZyme® and LactoSpore®.
Clear Whey Isolate20g£1.24A completely different texture to any other whey protein. Clear, juicy and similar to squash. Easily digestible (if your diet includes dairy) and very refreshing. Slightly more expensive due to being less widely available.


Why should I choose vegan protein?

Let’s start by stating the obvious. If you’re vegan, a vegan protein is going to be the choice for you. But this isn’t the only reason to choose a vegan protein powder. An increasing number of people are wanting to understand more about their environmental impact. Choosing a vegan protein powder is the more sustainable option. When compared to milk and animal based proteins, the manufacturing process requires less land, water and energy resources. In addition to not requiring the use of animals in any capacity, of course. 

Vegan proteins also tend to be slightly cheaper than milk or animal based proteins for this reason. So not only can you feel good about your choice, your bank account will thank you for it. Another common reason to choose a vegan protein is allergies/intolerances. Many people are lactose intolerant, so will need to stay away from milk-based products all together. This makes vegan proteins the perfect choice. 

We are always transparent about our products, so it’s important to discuss the taste and texture. If you’re not familiar with vegan proteins, some may take a bit of getting used to. Many plant proteins have earthy notes that can be tough to work with. But believe it or not, Pea Protein Isolate Powder is one of our bestsellers (despite the taste being reminiscent of peas). 

Introducing our new Gourmet Vegan Protein

And this is where our brand new Gourmet Vegan Protein steps in to save the day. We’ve noticed that an increasing number of people are wanting to make the switch from milk-based to vegan proteins. But when used to a smooth and clean-tasting whey protein, some people can find our current Vegan Protein Powder a little course in texture, and the plant-protein taste can overpower their chosen flavour. We developed Gourmet Vegan Protein to combat these exact issues, making this product the easiest way to make the change to vegan. 

Made using up to five different vegan protein sources, Gourmet Vegan Protein is our most advanced and luxurious tasting vegan protein ever. The shake is so smooth, creamy and flavoursome that it could be mistaken for whey protein. (Seriously, it’s that good). We specifically chose the protein sources for their smooth texture and neutral taste, so the full flavours really come through to produce a taste sensation. Aside from this (have we mentioned how good it tastes?),Gourmet Vegan Protein has the nutritional profile to match – 23g protein per serving, with added DigeZyme® (a blend of five enzymes to aid digestion) and vegan vitamin D3 (at an impressive 98% of your daily RI per serving*). We’re not ones to show off, but it’s also gluten free and stevia sweetened. And don’t just take our word for it, try for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Vegan protein vs. whey protein – which is for me?

If you’re thinking of making the switch from whey protein to vegan protein, the switch couldn’t be simpler. Gourmet Vegan Protein is our most advanced vegan protein yet, both in taste and formulation. The creamy texture and luxurious taste take this vegan protein to the next level. You’ll hardly know the difference. Perfect whether you’re vegan, vegan curious or just looking to help the planet that extra little bit in your supplement choices.

Whey protein is a great choice if you like to have a little more variety with your flavours, as well as the option of a higher protein content. Both our vegan protein powders contain 23g protein per serving, so if you’re looking for something a little more protein packed, whey protein would be your answer. We also offer a wide range of whey protein products to suit your individual needs. Essential Whey Protein is perfect for saving the pennies, whereas Pure Whey Isolate™ is ideal if you’re looking for something more advanced. If you want to go a step further and opt for an Informed Sport tested product, our Informed Whey® Protein is next level. 

Whatever protein choice you make is exactly that – your choice. Different taste buds, different protein goals, different digestive systems. Everyone will have the protein that works best for them. Hopefully we’re helped you find it, now that you have a little more insight into our whey proteins and new Gourmet Vegan Protein (which is definitely worth a try). 

*Reference intake of an average adult.

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