The Different Types of Vegan Protein Powder

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The plant-based protein market continues to grow year after year. More demand. More choice. More sustainable thinking. Our range of vegan protein powders is reaching new heights. With our recent launches, Clear Vegan Protein and Gourmet Vegan Protein, let’s take a look at the lot. Ready to choose your favourite?

Vegan Protein Powder

Our bestselling Vegan Protein Powder is a vegan blend of pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, pumpkin protein (for the extra minerals it provides), flaxseed powder (for fibre) and quinoa flour. This incredible combination gives you 23g protein per serving, and it’s available in ten delicious flavours.

Key Benefits of Vegan Protein Powder

  • 23g protein per serving
  • Large choice of flavours
  • Affordable price

Gourmet Vegan Protein 

Brand new to our vegan range in May, our Gourmet Vegan Protein is set to impress. We really believe we’ve made the best-tasting, best-textured vegan protein powder on the market. Made with five premium protein sources, carefully selected for their neutral taste and smooth texture, vegan protein has never been so good. 

What makes this shake even better, is that it hits the mark not only on taste, but also on nutrition. With 23g protein per serving, added Digezyme (an enzyme blend to aid digestion) and vegan vitamin D3, everyone’s a winner with its gluten-free and soya-free nature. 

This shake differs from our regular Vegan Protein Powder, mainly in taste and texture. Gourmet Vegan Protein is so smooth and flavoursome, it could be mistaken for dairy. This is due to the protein sources being from a blend of pea, sunflower, chickpea, hemp and pumpkin seed. Tasting really is believing.

Key Benefits of Gourmet Vegan Protein

  • Silky-smooth and creamy texture
  • Flavours so delicious they could be mistaken for a dairy-based shake
  • 23g protein and 98% RI* of vitamin D3 (* Reference Intake of an average adult) 

Clear Vegan Protein

Another new addition to our vegan range is Clear Vegan Protein. This is, without a doubt, the most refreshing way to consume vegan protein out there. It’s also completely different to anything else in our vegan range. Think of it as a refreshing squash with the added benefit of an impressive 15g protein per serving. There’s nothing not to like. The clean and refreshing taste and texture pairs perfectly with the juicy, fruit flavours we’ve created to give you the ultimate summer vegan shake. 

You’ve probably heard the hype over Clear Whey Isolate, and this is for good reason. It tastes amazing, so we couldn’t let our vegan customers miss out. The same great benefits with the added bonus of being completely dairy free. If you don’t like the thick texture of a classic vegan shake, definitely give this one a go, you’ll be surprised it contains protein at all.

Key Benefits of Clear Vegan Protein

  • 15g protein per serving
  • Delicious, light and refreshing fruity flavours – perfect for summer
  • Less than 70 calories per serving

Vegan All In One

We’re proud to be the first sports nutrition company to bring a Vegan All In One protein powder to the UK market. All-in-ones are ideal after training, with a balance of protein and carbs to boost your recovery.

Our Vegan All In One has much more than just vegan protein and carbs. The vegan blend is our V+™ protein blend of super pea protein isolate, brown rice protein, pumpkin protein, flaxseed powder and quinoa flour. We’ve added Vitargo®, creatine monohydrate, glutamine, HMB, vegan amino acids and digestive enzymes. It’s gluten free and soya free and sweetened with stevia.

Key Benefits of Vegan All In One

  • High in protein with an incredible 29g per serving
  • Contributes to muscle growth, performance and recovery
  • Everything you need in one handy shake

Vegan Mass Gainer

A plant-based mass gainer. Mass gainers are useful anytime you need to bump up calories from quality food sources. Of course, if you’re vegan, you’ll want to be extra careful about how you bulk up. A lot of foods will be off the menu for you. Our Vegan Mass Gainer is a great choice.

Our Vegan Mass Gainer is packed with quality ingredients (as you’d expect). The protein is our V+™ blend of pea protein, brown rice protein, pumpkin powder, flaxseed powder and quinoa flour. Carbs come from ultra-fine oats and maca powder. And then we’ve added goMCT™ (the good kind of fats) and DigeZyme® (digestive enzyme complex). This really is a quality mass gainer.

Key Benefits of Vegan Mass Gainer

  • 31g protein and 369kcal per serving
  • Gluten-free oats 
  • Added digestive enzymes

Other Vegan Protein Powders

At the other end of the spectrum, you have vegan isolates. These single-source protein powders are ultra-filtered and pure to give you as much protein as possible per serving. Ideal if you’re on a restricted diet or just want to bump up your protein without excess calorie intake.

Pea Protein Isolate

Our Pea Protein Isolate is a second-generation isolate that comes from yellow split peas. It has an incredible amino acid profile, 80% protein, and is around 50% more soluble than other pea proteins on the market. This is by far our most popular vegan isolate and comes in four delicious flavours.

Soya Protein Isolate 

Our Soya Protein Isolate has an amazing 90g protein per 100g (and less than 1g fat). This kind of protein powder comes from soya beans and has the highest PDCAAS score (this is a popular method of categorising protein quality). As our second most popular vegan isolate, we’ve made delicious Chocolate and Vanilla flavours available too. 

Hemp Protein Powder

Our Hemp Protein Powder is made from cold-pressed hemp seeds (the kind of seeds you can buy whole in the supermarket and sprinkle on your salads). It’s an excellent choice of vegan protein because it is ‘complete’ – containing all 20 amino acids, essential fatty acids and a whole host of vitamins and minerals. It has a nutty flavour and mixes well. It’s a satiating choice that works well in a shake, stirred into porridge or in baking.


Hopefully this has given you a greater understanding of our vegan protein range and which powder might be the best choice for you. It completely depends on your taste preferences, texture preferences and training goals, but there is definitely something for everyone. Whether you’ve followed a vegan diet for years or are just looking to incorporate a couple more plant-based food options into your diet, we’ve got something just for you. If we had to recommend one product you need to try? Peach & Orange Clear Vegan Protein (you can’t get better than this in the run up to summer). 

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