Why choose BULK POWDERS™ Liquid Egg Whites?

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The health benefits of liquid egg whites for protein


Liquid Egg Whites are one of the purest forms of protein you can buy and often seen as a fundamental part of the kitchen cupboard for bodybuilders, athletes and health-conscious individuals. They are high in protein whilst containing next to no carbohydrate or fat.

Liquid Egg Whites don’t contain the yolk; they are the ‘white’ of the egg. Now we’re not advocating the removal of egg yolk from your diet completely because egg yolk actually contain around half the protein found in eggs, in addition to a multitude of amino acids and vitamins (A, B, D, E and K). Egg yolk also contains choline which helps maintain the structure of cells in the brain and neurotransmitters. Egg yolk does, however, contain a high proportion of fat and cholesterol so should be consumed in moderation. If you want the benefits of egg yolk, especially when cooking, we suggest combining a couple of eggs (yolk inclusive) in combination with our Liquid Egg Whites in order to get the best of both worlds!


The key benefits of Liquid Egg Whites

The primary benefit of buying pre-bottled Liquid Egg Whites is their functionality. Whether you want to consume them ” Rocky style” straight from the bottle (nothing wrong with that by the way, ours taste great straight from the bottle!), in an omelette, as scrambled egg, as an addition to your protein or weight gain shake, or simply for baking (i.e. protein pancakes, quiches, meringues, soufflés), they can be used for all of the above; with none of the mess or fuss that traditionally comes with separating the whites from the yolks.

Anna from Protein Pow is a big fan of BULK POWDERS™ Liquid Egg Whites and uses them in a large proportion of her recipes; from Hawaiian Protein Pizza to Protein Coffee Cake.


Other benefits:

1. They are 100% bio-available, meaning they’re fully absorbed with none of the amino acids going to waste

3. They are free from artificial flavours, preservatives, added sugar and cholesterol


Six reasons to use BULK POWDERS™ Liquid Egg Whites over alternative brands

1. 5 month shelf life at room temperature – most other liquid egg whites only have a 2-3 week shelf life and need to be stored in the fridge immediately upon delivery. So if you’re short on storage space it’s fine to store elsewhere. (N.B. Although once opened they should be kept in the fridge)

2. Stylish bottles rather than awkward cartons making storage and usage simple

3. 6kg of protein for under £23 (Barn Farmed) works out at just £3.83 per kg. In comparison, the well-known Two Chicks Egg Whites cost £6.18 per kg in Sainsbury’s (at the time of writing)

4. Available in both Barn Farmed and Free Range

5. Only 1% carbohydrate and 0.5% fat, so virtually pure protein – perfect for your macros

6. No preservatives or additives – just pure, fresh egg whites


So if you’re looking for an affordable, versatile protein source of the highest quality, BULK POWDERS™ Liquid Egg Whites is the perfect product for you.

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