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As temperatures soar and seem set to stay high for the immediate future it’s a good moment to make sure we’re up to scratch on our egg safety. Clearly, this will take a little teamwork. We’ll do our bit but you need to really pay attention. The downside is too painful to consider.

Egg Safety Principles

  • Make sure you check the use by date on all products
  • Check to see whether they need to be stored at room temperature or in the fridge
  • If you are ordering online, is the retailer taking any steps to control temperatures during the delivery process?


How does BULK POWDERS™ ensure your eggs are kept safe?

  1. All BULK POWDERS™ Liquid Egg Whites are delivered to our warehouse in a chilled lorry, ensuring temperature control at all times.
  2. BULK POWDERS™ loads all egg whites into its large fridge, with temperatures controlled at 2-3 °C (see below).
  3. Orders are packed just before pick up. They are removed from the fridge, wrapped in Woolcool insulation material.

Woolcool is a fantastic insulation agent.  Wool fibres are incredibly effective at maintaining stable temperatures by absorbing and releasing moisture – naturally better than polystyrene.  And Woolcool is widely used for the dispatch of everything from meat boxes to seafood.

But we didn’t take their word for it.  We tested it ourselves, leaving egg whites in a car boot over 4 days when temperatures peaked at 25°C.

The result?  A thermometer inside the egg white bottles never exceeded 15°C. Great news – particularly as our BULK POWDERS™ Liquid Egg Whites can be stored safely at up to 25°C.

Egg Whites storage


So what can you do to help keep your egg whites safe?

  • When ordering, make sure someone is in to take the order. The trick is in keeping transit time to a minimum.
  • If in doubt, don’t order (especially if you live in hot countries).
  • On receipt of your egg whites, make sure they are kept in a cool place like a cellar. They are safe up to 25°C but make sure you don’t take any chances.  If in doubt, put the excess bottles in the freezer.
  • Provided they are stored at room temperature, you can keep your bottles for up to 5 months (depending on best before date).
  • Once you have opened your bottle, you must keep the bottle in the fridge (and make sure you shut the lid firmly).

Egg Whites are such a great source of protein but they do require slightly more attention during a hot summer.

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