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Lucy Watson

Vegan Ambassador


I’m really pleased to be working with BULK POWDERS® - they are one of the rare brands to offer a wide and varied range of vegan options, and this is a subject close to my heart. I’m always on-the-go so it’s amazing to know I can rely on BULK POWDERS® to incorporate the protein I need into my diet, quickly and easily.

Date of Birth 20th February, 1991
Height 5'6
Biggest Influence Kayla Itsines
Favourite Product Complete Vegan Blend™

Animal activist and vegan for 2 years, Lucy Watson has always been into fitness from a young age. Now more than ever she's keen to keep healthy and stay in shape while eating a plant based diet. Lucy enjoys all kinds of sports activities but her focus is mainly on yoga, pilates and going to the gym.

Lucy Watson’s Nutrition

Lucy is very conscious about the foods she eats. As a vegan who enjoys an active lifestyle, it's important that Lucy gets the nutrition she needs to support her lifestyle and beliefs. Whilst the majority of her nutrition comes from whole foods, she uses vegan supplements such as Complete Vegan Blend™ to balance her diet - and she loves the convenience of them too.


This is such a great blend of vegan proteins, and it tastes great too. My favourite flavour is Chocolate Peanut. I highly recommend it, even if you're not vegan!

Complete Vegan Blend

Complete Vegan Blend™

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Kale is a really nutritious food and it's so easy to add to smoothies and soups. Having it in a powder is so convenient too - I use it most days.

Kale Powder

Kale Powder

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I love this product, it's so versatile! It's amazing with banana on toast, and makes for a quick and easy snack anytime of day.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter 1kg

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