Bulk Eats: Active Omelette recipe

High-protein, low fat omelette recipe
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How often do you find an “easy”, “healthy” recipe online which turns out to not be so easy or healthy? Well, this one follows through on those promises. An omelette is a great option for a meal that’s packed with protein and is simple to prepare when you’re short on time. This recipe uses our Liquid Egg Whites to keep fat content at a minimum, and Active Seasoning to spice up the dish with your preferred flavour. Throw in some ham and diced peppers and you’ve got a well-rounded meal that can be prepared in minutes!

Liquid Egg Whites (200ml)
Active Seasoning (1 tsp)
Diced Peppers (2 cups)
Ham (1 slice)


Heat a pan coated with some One Calorie Spray.
Pour Liquid Egg Whites into pan on medium heat.
Dice peppers & ham and add to omelette.
Add Active Seasoning.
Flip, plate up and enjoy!


248 kcal
30g protein
24g carbs
3g fat


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