Going Vegan: Giovanni Fois

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Four of our ambassadors were given the challenge to go vegan for January. We recently caught up with Giovanni to find out how he’s getting on!

How are you finding it so far? Are you finding it hard?

I’m enjoying it because I’m discovering lots of new foods and dishes! The only problem is that as I’m not at home that much, I have to buy most of my lunches and dinners out and finding vegan options is hard.  But, when I’m at home it’s much easier! 

Are there any foods you’re particularly missing?

Steaks and burgers!

Are you noticing anything different in your training? Are you feeling stronger or weaker?

No change at all.

Have you incorporated any Bulk Powders products to supplement your diet? 

Yes, I’ve been taking Omega 369 and Vitamin B12.

Are you finding your meals are quite boring and bland?

I love trying new things and the vegan challenge is making me try lots of different foods, which is making my meals not be boring! 

Will you carry on being vegan post January?

No, I will go back to my normal routine, but I will incorporate some vegan meals into my diet. This experience is allowing me to discover new flavours and new food, so I’m enjoying it!

Are you managing to meet your calorie intake?

Yes I am, but with a different macro split.


You can follow Giovanni’s vegan challenge on his Instagram and YouTube channel.


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